Are you a male or a female?

A few Dopers were wondering about the male/female mix of the board. I am curious too. Let’s find out.

I voted male. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say you get chastised for only including 2 choices.


I vote Yes.


I hear ya. I considered that, then dismissed it. If someone wants a poll with more than two choices they are free to create it.



I protest this binary gender normative poll.



At 75/25 now.

I know this is the tiniest of sample size, but about what I expected.

I looked for that option also to no avail.

I’m going to wait until there is a poll for dude and dudette.

I’m a man, but I can change. If I have to. I guess.

Being a silicon based life form I find the binary choice of the poll to be completely acceptable.

I am a male. I will go further and say my age is 63, vote libertarian when I can, and think both Arnold Schwartzenegger and Jesse Ventura were passable governors of their respective states.

Duct tape.

Why? He wanted to know if you are male or female, not male, female, other, etc.

If I have a poll asking if you own a cat or a dog do I get chastised for not including every other possible pet in existence? If I have a poll asking if you are bisexual or gay do I get chastised for not including heterosexual?


Thanks for getting it and keeping your boxers untwisted, Richard.

Some can’t make it 'til noon without getting offended.

At the time I voted (female), it was 92-42 in favor of males.

Frankly, I’m surprised: I expected it to be much closer to 50/50. I know this poll is very unscientific and it’s not even 24 hours old and it’s a holiday in the US and males might simply be more likely to respond, blah blah blah, but still…surprising.