A Better Poll: What is your Gender?

In response to this:

There that wasn’t so hard.:slight_smile:

What kind of Pizza?

I voted ‘male’ again. Clearly, the gender-typical males are dominating at the polls!

My gender is ‘awesome.’

And also female.

Genetically, I’m female, though in reality not very.

I chose “other,” but I’m not sure whether to go with “animate” or “large objects and liquids.”

We’re going to need more contributions here to get a decent population sample.

Please define “male” and “female” so I know what you mean by each term. Also “pizza”.


Male = ‘‘having a penis and a Y chromosome.’’

Female = ‘‘having a vagina and XX chromosomes.’’

So actually if you want to get pedantic, the gender poll should have said ‘‘man’’ and ‘‘woman’’ not ‘‘male/female,’’ since those are descriptors of biological sex.

And if you want to get really pedantic, the genders should be “masculine” and “feminine.”

I mean how could the Dope ever be without pedantry?

Define “having”. If your definition of “having” is “in possession of”, then my spouse would likely say that they are “in possession of” my penis. :D:D

So Chelsea Manning and Kaitlyn Jenner are male, correct?


I’m a woman. But I’m open to being a pizza, as long I don’t have to have olives or anchovies.

Not my poll. But under these circumstances, I’d say every respondent is free to use whatever definition they wish.

Anchovies or sausage.

Correct. They are biologically male, and they are women.

For the purposes of this poll, they would probably select ‘‘female’’ since what the poll is really asking is about gender.

Try not to let your head explode.

Oh, no way then. Guess I’ll have to choose male then…

So if they said they were female, they would be wrong, correct?

What I am getting at is this -

If the word can have any definition one wishes, then the question “are you male, female, or other” has no meaning.


Excellent point which serves to explain why two people (so far) think they’re a pizza.