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Love/hate exercise

Figured that this meta-thread is long overdue-obviously the OP didn’t want discussion cluttering up the original, but here we can do so to our hearts’ content…

I chose the first one-tho it typically hits me only after I get out of the shower, I usually am high for the rest of the day, and in fact the effects typically linger until my next session, meaning I have a more or less permanent workout high. I just turned 60 note.

Based on past discussions I figgered there were several other Dopers who shared my state of being there…

Imagine my shock when it only had one other vote (out of 53).

The poll right before that about why you exercise had me choosing “some other reason”.

I don’t go to a gym. I exercise because shit needs done and I’m too cheap to hire out the work. A tree falls on our property, so it needs to be cut up. Hay gets delivered and someone has to stack the bales. The arbor over the patio is looking sad so I re-stain it. The dog needs leash training so I walk him on the trail.

If I were a billionaire I’d pay someone to do all the work.

I chose the second-least response (sucks big donkey balls) and was very surprised so see that it garnered just 10% of the vote.


I picked “some other reason”, too. I do “exercise for the sake of exercise”. I do weight stuff for an hour every week. I hate it. But I don’t have much exercise baked into my life, and I’ve reached the age where if you don’t use it you lose it. I’m not trying to get stronger, I’m trying to slow down the rate at which I get weaker.

As for how I feel – physically I always feel like shit after I exercise. Mentally, I picked “fine”, but that’s not really the answer. The real answer is that I feel tired mentally, too. I can’t really do anything else, including sitting at a computer and working, for a while after I exercise.

So this thread is to discuss any of the polls?

Is this thread to discuss any of the polls?

  • yes
  • no

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I tried to make it clear that I was excluding this situation from the poll by defining exercise as “any physical activity beyond what is required” and phrasing the “I don’t exercise” option as “I don’t exercise beyond my normal activities.” I was curious about people who set aside time to go to the gym, go running, or things like that, not people who did physical activity because of they did manual labor, they helped a friend move, they take care of kids, or things like that.

Sorry, I guess I don’t always give polls the time and thought they deserve.

They are a barrel of fun, though!

To be fair, I don’t always express myself clearly and should have used more words to make my meaning clear.


I think this thread is the wrong approach. Instead if you want to discuss a particular poll then start a specific thread about it.

I hate exercise and only do it to lower my blood sugar, which has been creeping near Type-2 diabetic levels.

If you want to discuss a particular poll, should you start a specific thread about it?

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So in what way did Bilbo and Gollum’s riddle game reference the phrase “Teaching grandmother to suck eggs” ?

The only egg thing in that game was this:

A box without hinges, key, or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid

I think I’m weird about exercise. If I’m bored, I get tired very quickly, but if I can prevent that boredom, I can exercise a lot longer, and I feel really good afterwards.

I have a laptop at my treadmill, but it takes a long time for it to get alive enough to run the dvd. I need to solve that now

I picked hurts and exhausted afterwards. Mind you, I used to love long distance running, but it turns out I wasn’t built for it, and along with a lot of other damage, just walking hurts me unless I can hold out to get past the hurt. I’m only 62 but that is getting harder and harder. I use a cane if I am going any distance and now forgo trail walking and winter walking because getting outside to walk is darn dangerous on the ice that develops on the walkway to my garage. And I can’t afford those ice gripping shoes. I used to love winter, and winter exercise. Not anymore.

Should polls be allowed in this thread?

  • Yeah it’s fine don’t be a putz.
  • It’s fine but also you can be a putz if you want.
  • No, if you want a poll go post it in the polls thread.
  • No more polls, can’t we just talk to each other like humans instead?

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@Elendil_s_Heir ?

It’s when he answers that riddle:

But suddenly Gollum remembered thieving from nests long ago, and sitting under the river bank teaching his grandmother, teaching his grandmother to suck—“Eggses!” he hissed. “Eggses it is!”

Quite so. Just five paragraphs down the page.

The lottery winner poll.

You just won $100 million dollars.

Why would someone not quit immediately? If you’re worried about affecting your coworkers, give them each $25,000 cash as a goodbye gift.