What is your go to "salad"?

Probably Jerusalem salad or just cucumber salad.

I buy a $2.99 pre-packaged little salad in the produce section, there are several kinds. (the recent romaine recall wreaked havoc, though they are now all back on the shelf). Greens in a plastic clear bowl with a little separate section holding a tiny cup of dressing and various toppings. One of my favorites is Spinach Dijon with almonds, dried fruit, and chow main noodles. There are several different varieties, but I usually get the Caprese with grape tomatoes, mozzarella balls, and Italian dressing. Chicken caesar is another good one…when ordering a ‘real’ salad in a restaurant, 9 times out of 10 it is a Cobb salad, or vegetable-and-greens with Italian dressing and crumbly blue cheese. Nothing better!

Cobb is my go-to, but I have never had(or even heard of) Trader Joe’s. Anything different about it?

Mixed greens, carrot shavings, bacon bits, sliced almonds and blue cheese dressing.

Or a good Caesar without too much dressing.

Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s has a nice selection of pre-made foods in their refrigerated section, one of which is their Cobb salad. It contains Romaine lettuce, julienned carrots, grape tomatoes, uncured bacon, grilled chicken breast, crumbled blue cheese, a halved hard-boiled egg, and a packet of ranch dressing. It’s enough for me for lunch, and contains 400 kilocalories and 8 grams of carbohydrates.

ETA: Stores in Portland, OR:
[ul][li]2122 NW Glisan St[/li][li]4121 NE Halsey St[/li][li]4715 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd[/ul][/li]There are also stores in Clackamas, Beaverton, and Tigard. (Also, Vancouver, WA.)


Czarcasm has talked about Trader Joe’s on this board before, so I’m confused by what their post was supposed to mean. ETA: Ah, it must be they never heard that Trader Joe’s had a Cobb salad. Got it.

That occurred to me after I posted and edited.

Tomatoes peeled and sliced. Chopped onions. Vinaigrette. Done.

Baby spinach
Cut tomatoes
Yellow bell pepper
Red onion
Dried cranberries (or pomegranate seeds)
Sunflower kernels
Feta or bleu cheese crumbles
Dressing of choice

Shredded red cabbage, shredded carrots, chili and basil with a vinaigrette made from olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, black pepper and salt.

Whatever greens we buy or grow and my wife’s dressing made with mayo, mustard, vinegar and olive oil. That’s for a salad accompanying dinner. But once or twice a week, we will have a dinner salad which is like the above, but larger accompanied by one or two of tuna, cheddar, ham, shrimp.

The other dinner salad that I make several times a summer consists of pasta, olives, peppers (sweet and hot), scallions, relish, mayo and usually tuna, ham, or shrimp, sometimes scallops. A fair bit of work, but 500 g of pasta gives us 4 dinners.

I don’t make salad often, but my favorite to make when I do is a cauliflower coleslaw. The base is just chopped cauliflower and mayonnaise, but you can dress it up with bacon, shredded cheddar, peanuts, or other add-ins.

My absolute favorite salad to eat is my family’s recipe dandelion salad (dandelion greens, onions, boiled potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, with a hot dressing of bacon grease, cider vinegar, and sugar), but you can only make it in the early spring, and it’s a pain to wash the greens.

I have salad guidelines and build it out with greens and veggies accordingly. It must have:

  1. Cheese (any kind)
  2. Beans
  3. Hard boiled egg

Baby spinach with thinly sliced apple, dried cranberries, candied walnuts and red onion. With Panera Fuji Apple dressing, or Brianna’s honey mustard.

Baby spinach with berries, with raspberry vinaigrette dressing and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.

Romaine with some shredded carrots and cucumber if I have it. Catalina or Olive Garden Italian dressing. I love french fried onions sprinkled on this.

Spinach salad with crumbled feta cheese, pomegranates and Newman’s Own sesame ginger dressing is our go-to ‘fancy’ salad. Sometimes we add pine nuts too.

Those are my go-to basic salad starters; I mix them with broccoli cole slaw or red cabbage and add tomatoes, onions, sometimes olives and/or avocado, roasted or grilled chicken or smoked salmon. Top with some chunky blue cheese dressing and wrap it all up in a whole wheat lavash. That’s my dinner at least 3 days a week. Yum.

Thank you for that Airplane! flashback. :wink:

Some kind of southwest salad.

Something like:


corn, beans, peppers, some kind of chilis, onion, and whatever else you feel like.

I always add lime juice.

When I do a side salad at home, it’s generally composed of bagged or homegrown greens, thinly sliced carrots, cukes, some small tomatoes if in season, avocado chunks ditto, green onions and either a quick vinaigrette or bottled Green Goddess dressing. I also like some crunch, so depending what’s around, I might add croutons or nuts. If we’re out of green onions, I do a quick pickle of some finely sliced white or red onions. To turn it into a meal, we sometimes just add some protein.

Of course, this is all academic right now, since pregnant me apparently can’t stand salad. Hopefully my taste for veg comes back in Feb!

Listen, Czarcasm, don’t start up with your White Zone shit again.