What is your life story?

I watched Oprah today and she said she believes everyone has a life story. How important being a human is. She threw darts at a seat chart of the studio and whoever was sitting in the chair that got “stuck” she did a story about that person. It was very interesting.

So, who’s up? Write your story.

meat helmets

Ah yes, I think you’re referring to Dr. Evil’s account of his life:

Born. Lived. Haven’t died yet.

CA native born to PA transplants, played with bugs, eats chocolate, Trek geek, was known in high school as “The Guru,” has spent nearly 20 years specializing in English but would like to become a massage therapist.

How was that for precision?

Born in Arizona, raised in Hawaii, has worked as a disk-jocky, driver and teacher. Taught two years in Budapest. Fathered 5 children, lost one to cancer. Writes for fun, but wishes to do it for a living.
Delivered last two children, bungee jumped from 70 meters.
Never surfed.

Fussed into the post-war world in Salt Lake city, but soon moved to Berkeley. From there to Hawaii and then off to Tokyo. Schooling finally commenced at John Muir Elementary back in Berkeley, but we soon moved to Houston, where I continued at River Oaks Elementary.

Whoops! Then, after a ruptured liver that presaged many months of my youth that would be spent hospitalized, back to Japan, Kobe this time, where I bagged 5th and 6th grade at the Canadian Academy.

Back in the U.S., back in the U.S. of A., I did most of Jr. and Sr. High School at St. John’s.

Post high school I held many jobs, both flunky and not so, while spending a few years trying to establish a career as a drummer. Played with a lot of people in a lot of places.

Then, I found myself in the Styxian world of the graveyard shift reactor operator on the dark, noxious Houston Ship Channel, where we were alone with our temperamental reactors, the flares and the catwalk lights. And the Helpers from 4th grade. It was beautiful.

And fairly dangerous. After an accident that put me in the hospital (once again) for a bit, I decided to go to college. I saved for almost a year (it was a great paying job for a guy with no education), and headed off to 5½ years at UT in Austin.

That changed everything. While I kept playing, I had no real idea of what I might become, and like so many of my friends, made some quick decisions over a very few days, and have spent some two decades plus as a geophysicist. I’m a bleeping scientist!?! How’d that happen? I enjoy it.

And if it’s truly better to have loved and lost, well, I’ve done well in life.
How about that? My whole life story, and not a mention of taxicabs.

I wanna be cab driver for a few years, I likes this stuff.

At least 5 times in my life I easily could have “bought the farm” and not counting those events I’ve been so damn lucky that it is embarrassing to even me. That doesn’t mean I have good luck all the time or feel like gambling on it, but I do wonder sometimes what I did to deserve it. Also I hear people talk about their bad luck and it bothers me. I also wonder when the order from above is going to say “Now it is kniz’s turn”.