Tell me about yourself

Ok, here’s a place to get to know a little bit about one another. How old are you? Are you male or female? If you want to share a little more you can? If you are too young, too old, or just don’t want to share you can hold your age back if you want.

I’m Male, and I’m 34. I’m going through a little difficulty right now. I’m trying to quit abusing substances. I just let go of DXM and Weed, but still hanging on to a Gabapentin habit. My mom is just getting over sepsis and severe sinus issues. My sister is in a mental hospital and has been since the 12th and is going into a group home. She’s schizoaffective, as am I. But hers is worse because she’s violent.

female, fat old fart, Army veteran, my mother lives in Florida is an older thin fart (I call her “old lady”) Not sure how much longer I shall have her in my life. She is 88 next month…oh my! YiKES her mother died when she was 85 and just a few weeks of her birthday!

My sister in law is a snob as is one of my sisters

I’m the baby of the family, commonly referred to in childhood as “spoiled brat”

I’m female, a Germanic blonde (red cheeks, blonde hair), who’s a couple months short of 60. I’m a widow with two sons, one of whom gave me a grandson last year and will be giving me a granddaughter in 6 weeks or so.

Much like the onion in the petunia patch, I’m an athlete born to a family of academics and Bohemians. In my day, I was an NCAA champion in my sport. I’m 5’10", weigh 158 lbs., and am still as athletic as my age allows me to be.

I work in HR management and have dedicated my working life to breaking barriers in traditionally male environments such as steel and oil and gas. I fight as hard for my guys as for my ladies, though, and I make a fierce enemy but a staunch friend.

I’m somewhat iconoclastic and highly independent. I bore easily. I was born and raised in the Midwest (Chicago area), but now live in Denver. I have 3 setters who are my partners in adventures.

The best compliment I ever received was from a union rep I had just soundly defeated in a contract negotiation. He told me that if he were alone on a battlefield, surrounded by enemies, and could choose one person to stand back-to-back with him, he’d choose me. “You’re smart, resourceful, tough, and you never quit.” I’d be quite happy with that carved on my tombstone someday.

I’m also blonde, blonde and blue eyed. When I was a child my hair was almost white, but that was a long time ago. Now I’m a dirty blonde and heavy.

I’m in my 40s, a dude, married, kids. Have spent the better part of my adult life fighting for workers’ rights in the labor movement-- spending time in organizing, politics/lobbying, communications, education, staff recruitment and development, fundraising, representation, and currently in labor-community relations. Every time I try and move on to something else, they pull me back in. It’s exhausting work. Anyone that says unions do nothing but prop up rich fat cats and lazy staff and protect deadbeats can kiss my ass. But enough on that.

My wife and I also run an organic lawn and garden company, with our vermicompost as our bread and butter.

I also spent a few years in journalism, as reporter, editor, publisher, photographer and columnist.

Fat 17 year old stoner with a thing for lamps. Also, brown haired, hazel eyed, and I grow my own ‘flowers’.


I’m male, age 77. Blind, live alone, travel alone, 17 countries in the past year. 5’10", 145 pounds.

I sleep in the park, shave in the dark trying to save paper.

36, male, active duty military, graduate student.

jtur88, I should have mentioned traveling. I love to travel as well! I have lived in six countries and I’ve visited almost 3 dozen!

Also, I’m married. Dog; no kids (ever). And I’m a student pilot with about 24 hours so far.

Say hello to your sister for me.

Male, age 73, widowed, no children, ex Marine, law school grad who never passed the bar, Semi-retired as a building designer, former Mormon missionary (to Finland, 1962-1965). Reformed Republican, just a bit to the right of center, but basically politically harmless and useless. Love trains, cats and reading.

The one who works in a shop?

I’m 63 and male. Married with a grown daughter.

My main job is computer support at a college. On the side, I write science fiction and fantasy, with two novels and over 50 short stories published (I’m particularly proud that I’m one of the few to have short stories appearing in all three of the top magazines in the field: Fantasy and Science Fiction, Asimov’s SF and Analog) and have two honorable mentions in Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best SF series).

I’m also a smof, working on the Albacon SF convention in Albany, NY (Chuck Gannon is GOH next year) and on two World Fantasy Cons.

Catch. Fakes left, breaks right, tightropes the sideline - 20, 15,10,5 - TOUCHDOWN!

I am bobot.
(To be read aloud in the Black Sabbath I Am Iron Man voice. t pronounced as it’s own syllable (tee))

After all these years, I’m still here.

Real go-getter, that one.

Mostly Harmless.