Okay, you lazy and/or paranoid members! Nothing drives me crazier than taking a peek at a person’s profile after reading something though provoking they may have posted and finding …“Seattle, WA” (Listen up, Frankie! :))
Tell us something about yourselves, people! We won’t stalk you…honest! I like to know something about the folks I chat with everyday here! Now get your collective butts over to your profile and give me some info!
I’m waiting!

And can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss
of one weak creature makes a void in any heart, so
wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth
of vast eternity can fill it up!
-Charles Dickens “Dombey and Son”


Now I feel guilty.

(The Original EnigmaOne)
Common ¢ for all ages.

My life is an open book to you Bunny!
Ill get right on that profile thing!

Hows that?

Yes, Ma’am!!!

I’ve been thinking about it. Still thinking. The thing is, what would anyone want to know?

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

The Straight Dope on funneefarmer

5’10",225lbs, Eyes 3/4 blue,1/4brown
36W30I Loose Fit Jeans, XL Shirt
Hair Brown ( with some gray if you look really close) and receding
Clean Shaven
Dimples, Constantly Red cheeks,bad teeth
30 yrs old
Bach. Sci. in Bus. Econ.
Write a litle poetry, keep a daily journal, was a news editor for college paper
I have a dog (mutt)
Cats (oh about 15 in the barn at the moment)

If you are obsessed about some member, go read all their posts.Search under their name, say last 30 days. You’ll get some idea.If people post long enough, you’ll form some mental picture of them. I get confused with a few similar sounding names. Try using unique names. I offered “Global Village Idiot” once for any takers.

Okay, BunnyGirl, I nominate you to grade all 2000 and some members on their profiles and report back to us here. :wink:

“It’s bacon!!”

Hey, I have info in my profile! But yes ma’am, here’s more:

5’7" 138lbs (at least, I hope it’s still that)
BA in Social Work; miserable experience in the field led me to a CLAD certif./teaching
Career/Life Dream: Publishing young adult novels
Pets: Inigo the black cat, and a 30gal tank full of African cichlids
Brown (very dark and very straight) hair
Brown eyes
Part Irish, Cherokee, German, and a dash Welsh
I have lived in: West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and California
Lottery fantasy: Flying out the entire orphanage of teen Romanian orphans I worked with to America
I write a little poetry, a little journaling, a little of everything
I hate potato salad
Dating Brian (27, musician and teacher) for two years
I tend to be too loud and share too much…:open_mouth:
But I also am very open and honest. :slight_smile:

“Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

“English? Who needs that? I’m never going to England.”

Excellent, people! Excellent! Good boy, Frankie ::pat, pat::
Just my “thing”, I guess. I’m a curious george by nature.
Thank you one and all!

can I play too?

height -short
weight-none of yer dam bizness
age 30 (gasp-already
divorced twice
two kids-(boys, not goats)
I work in advertising,but I have had many different jobs.
I like movies, books, board games are my passion, cards, -I love games!
I am currently undefeated in trivial pursuit and scrabble (but that may be more a reflection of the people around me than of my own intellect)
I love to make love,canoe,camp, -well thats it for exercise.
I am loyal and generous to a fault,(I may have been a dog in a prev life!)
TSD is my escape from the mundane of my life to the mundane of yours!

“Screw you guys…I’m goin’ home!”

Name: Katy
Age: 33
Height: 5’6"
Weight: ??
Measurements 36-24-36 (I wish)
Turn-ons: Walks on the beach, money, people who understand me.
Turn-offs: Belly Button Lint, bills, going to the dentist.
“If I was President, I would outlaw poverty and hunger. Everyone would love each other, and we would get along. (The poor, hungry, and angry would be eliminated)” :slight_smile:

-H: 6’2"
-W: Bigger than a breadbox
-Eyes: Blue
-Hair: Brown, short
-Sometimes clean shaven sometimes with a goatee
-like to dress casual (t shirts or comfy loose button downs, shorts or jeans)
-one tattoo (usually hidden)
-Love to read… just about anything.
-Love Ayn Rand
-Watch a lot of movies (just got a DVD player), own LOTS of music (over 400 CD’s)
-Work as an instructional trainer for a very large software company, and I love my job
-love to cook, especially italian or cajun food

  • enjoy playing around with my computer, and spending time on the SDM
    -Divorced once
  • no kids

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

Guess I better take my own advice:

Hair-well, it used to be blonde but now it’s more “Field Mouse Brown”, not exactly a Revlon color
Eyes-Green, hazel, whatever
Wear contacts/glasses
Right handed
Love jazz and unique vocalists
Like to camp, read, run, swim, take hot baths, take saunas
Irish, Scottish, German and Finnish heritage (my dad’s family are ‘Kennedy’ and my mom’s are ‘Truman’ - go figure and no, I’m not getting into politics)
Favorite author (currently) CS Lewis
Would like to own a horse someday
Currently have 2 cats and a husband
No kids yet but 2 nieces who have been certified The Worlds Cutest and Smartest
Drive an Eagle Vision
Like flowers, growing and getting them

Wow, even Pat Buchanon’s only going for two out of three.

This is another plea for those who haven’t sent your profile to the SD Home Page. Don’t forget to send your pic so we can look atcha too :slight_smile:


Height - 5’7"

Weight - I’ll never tell :wink:

Long blonde hair

Green eyes (I have been known on rare occassion to wear black contacts with a green moon and star cutout iris, just to freak out my clients)

Kids - 3 (8, 15, and 17)

Married - Once. Dating someone at the moment who wants to take it to a more serious level, but there are still so many men out there. . . . :wink:

Loves - Family, friends, men in tight Wranglers, travel/vacations, money, books, music, workouts, hiking, mountain biking, weekends, Christmas, flowers, driving fast, dancing, Chewy Runts, lace, snow, fairies, sex, tequila shooters, Chinese food, pink, Diet Pepsi, things that make me cry (happily), Spring, Fall, my water bed (It is awesome! Four post oak canopy, grape vine wrapped around the entire top entertwined with dried roses and tiny white lights), interior design, Tabasco

Hates - Grasshoppers and any flying insects (they freak me out more than you can know), cleaning the bathroom, drugs, little dogs that hump your leg, whiners (Not mentioning names. I have always had a hard time with whiny people, long before the SDMB), liars, jerks, thieves, tapioca pudding, BBQ ribs, hot summer days (95+), shoes, boogers (puke), stupid drivers, people who litter.

This is starting to sound like a singles ad.

I don’t really post very much but by reading pretty much everything, I feel I know a lot of you personally. So this is who is reading your stuff:
5’8" - sturdy build
Curly Brown hair, brown eyes
Age 25
Work for a major trashy magazine
Play piano, bass, saxophone but not currently in a band
Single and somewhat slutty
Love jazz music. Also love wah pedals, reverb, distortion, flangers and bands that use them!
Best shows i’ve seen: Desmond Dekker, Nina Hagen, Stereo Total, Bad Brains, John Zorn, Sleep
Love to read non-fiction books - lately Angela’s Ashes, Memoirs of a Geisha etc.
In the process of writing a book
Favorite posters: Jess, TubaDiva, Flora McFlimsey, CDextaven, Alphagene (sorry if I’m mispelling but I’m doing it from memory)
Least favorite posters: I’ll save that for the pit!

I’ll bite:

Height: 5’3 ( 5’4 in a push up bra :slight_smile:
Weight: Don’t care as long as I’m healthy.
Eyes: blue to light blue depending on lighting.
Hair: light brown pixie cut.
Famous person I am told I most resemble: Winona Ryder.
**Age: 32 **( Send money and presents Nov. 27)
Adopted heritage: 99% Irish, 1% German.
**Real Heritage:**Mostly British with an Eastern bloc country that I won’t claim as a part of me. (Sorry, but I’ve known to many of “them” and won’t join their reindeer games.
Heritage I really feel I am: 50% British (humor) 25% Irish ( laidbackness) 25% Gypsy ( wanderlust)
Fantasy heritage: “I am Anastasia.” :slight_smile:
Lives: In the State that is shaped like a mitten.
Married: 6 years.
Children: One son, 16 months
Pets: One recalcitrant dog named Murphy.
**Hobbies:**writing fiction, collecting useless knowledge, collecting stamps ( yeah, its dorky, bite me.) swimming, walking and opening the door for my dog. Reading most anything.
Strengths: parenting, gardening, humor, writing, making people laugh, review movies and posessing a bullshit filter in my head. Strong management skills ( IE I’m bossy)Independent thinker. ( IE, I can never be management material.)
**Weaknesses:**cynical, opinionated, books, ice cream, massages. Fear of success and nuns.
**Music ** Country, classical, folk, big band, Irish/celtic, Sinatra.
**My Mantra ** People change not because the see the light, but because they feel the heat.
**My Motto:**Never make a threat you cannot carry out.
**Words to live by: **Never miss an opportunity to take a pee.
**Words that might be on my tombstone: ** I wasn’t a lemming.

Height: 5’5 or 6"
Weight: classified
Eyes: green, with a hint of gold
Hair: red - the color of an Irish setter
Age: 42
Heritage: Irish, child of immigrants
Lives: San Francisco, California
Married: once, but no more. There is a man…
Children: no
Pets: no - apartments are not a good place for pets
Hobbies: reading, writing, research, editing. I love to dance, but it’s hard to find a good place any more. I like watching people and look for places that give me some variety.
Strengths: Reasonable, usually logical, generous to a fault. I keep my temper. I give good advice because I usually just ask a lot of questions and let people draw their own conclusions.
Weaknesses: worrying about how I appear, my weight, getting older - responding to peer pressure. Procrastination as a way to avoid failure. Not being willing to ask for help.
Music: anything but modern jazz
My Mantra: There is a way
My Motto: If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got
Words to live by: Most people are idiots = they can’t help it
Words that might be on my tombstone: A generous woman. It will probably read: Did not live up to her potential

The reason gentlemen prefer blondes is that there are not enough redheads to go around.