What is your Love Language?

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, ”When we get serious about learning to love each other, then we need to learn the primary love language of our spouse. This will make your efforts much more effective emotionally. There are only five love languages.”

  1. Words of affirmation - using words to express appreciation.
  2. Quality time - giving your spouse your undivided attention. TV off, looking and listening.
  3. Receiving Gifts - a gift says, “He was thinking about me.”
  4. Acts of Service - doing something that you know your spouse would like for you to do.
  5. Physical touch - holding hands, kissing your spouse, embracing, sexual intercourse with your spouse/partner.

These love languages can also be applied to your children. For example, my youngest son is #5. He thrives on cuddling while watching TV. My oldest son is #2. He likes to sit and talk about things when all is quiet around the house. I am a #4. I love it when things are done for me. I would love to have my car washed or dinner made or a note on my mirror when I woke up.

What Love Language are you?

I’m a #3 (I always give stuff away… usually drawings and such) and a #5. Very much so a #5. Maybe it’s just because I’m very, very unaccustomed to intimacy.

I’m a decent looking 2 and 5…
people say why I am single is beyond them.
It’s beyond me too.

I’m probably a #5. I think that Feynn is a #4. And we’re both #1’s.

lolagranola - I DEFINITELY saw #1’s in you two at the Dopefest. So let’s see… if you cook Feynn his favorite meal then you know you’re going to have a…“cozy” night :wink:

SPOOFE - Giving gifts tells your amoré that you were thinking of her… hopefully that’s HER love language… cuz then you’ll be gettin’ a whole lotta #5 :wink:

Mercutio - What you’re saying is you need quality time with your girlfriend. You need her to turn off “Monday Night Football” so you can talk… I hope there are more of you cloned in this world!! Watch out #5Mercutio is on the loose! :wink:
Reading the OP, I realized I may not have been clear. The Love Language you chose is the one your spouse/partner uses on YOU because it’s the one you respond to. Not the Love Language you would speak to him/her.

I need to be spoken to in #5. Lots and lots of #5.

I’m a #1 or #5. Of course I’m usually getting a bit of #1 and #4 while in the act of #5 and #2 better be happening or I’m outta there. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m a bad person, and I didn’t carefully read the beginning of your post, just skipped straight to the list. After reading it, I thought, “Hey, that’s a pretty good list. Those are indeed five ways that I express love, and if my husband didn’t do those five things for me, I wouldn’t feel loved.” Then I actually read the thing, and I couldn’t decide which is my primary one, or pick one for my husband, either. So I guess we’re 1-2-3-4-5’s. I always end up in the in-between categories in personality quizzes, too. Possibly because I don’t read the directions. ; )

I’m divided pretty evenly among 1, 3, and 5. The other two are my weak spots, as I enjoy my time for my own.

SoMoMom - Ummm… you like public places? :smiley:

pezpunk - So if your GF says “Ohh…honey… I just LOVE those new jeans” Then 5 is alive???

Podkayne - I will make a new one for you… 6. Ambiguous- I want it all, baby, or you ain’t gettin’ some!!
Good? No?

Crunchy Frog - Know what I think? I think you’re good at GIVING gifts (#3) so you GET #1 and then 5 kinda just sneaks up on ya :slight_smile:

btw… Thanks for the dozen Roses… on to business?? :smiley:

Easy. #1 and #5.

It’s amazing to me how much #1 gets neglected. In my experiences, people take their lovers for granted. They rarely express appreciation for their lovers but are all too quick to put them down, point out their faults, etc. No one should have his/her qualities and strengths taken for granted, especially by the person with whom he/she is in love.

All aspects of #5 are very important. Too frequently, sex is the only part of #5 that gets any attention while affection is mostly ignored. While sex is definitely important to me, I like lots of affection as well, in and out of the bedroom.

Well ummmmm, It doesn’t take much :smiley:

I’m a 5. Sometimes 1 and 2, but 5 all of the time.

This works out well, as my SO is also a 5, with a dash of 1 and 3. (Such a sweet loverbunny…plus I get to call an ultra cool goth a loverbunny and watch him blush…When he finishes growing up that fun at least will be gone. But others will replace it…and I can tease anyone about anything.)