What is your mind?

If males are asked this question the response is often a gesture towards their genital area before attempting an answer…

From Endymion, A Poetic Romance by John Keats

And now, at once adventuresome, I send my herald thought into a wilderness: there let its trumpet blow, and quickly dress …

What, exactly, do you get out of believing your dick makes you stupid? I’ve never understood this stereotype. It seems so… impotent.

Mind is probably an accident. I read about one neurologist that argues that the main purpose of the cerebral cortex is fine motor control, and rational thought is just a happy byproduct. I don’t have the skill to evaluate this claim, just the interest to report it.

My mind feels like an endless chasm and I’m always lost in it. The outside world has a relatively weak draw by comparison.

I agree, I live way inside my head, some days it is like the world doesn’t exist. And, to tell the truth I am okay with that. I live with peeps who don’t mind, and my animal are oblivious to the fact.
I think it’s a survival mechanism.
My artist mind requires plenty of self absorping thought processes anyway.

Brain, and brain again! What is brain?

I think it was Neil Gaiman who said boredom is critical for the creative process. My problem is there are a lot of non - boring distractions on the internet.

Not really. Your problem is that give your attention to them.

I am so un-tech-y that internet distractions are not so apparent to me, but I can see how it could be a problem, from what I hear.

Insomnia, social isolation, depression, anxiety and ADHD do not a disciplined internet user make. I’m well aware I have a problem but I haven’t figured out the solution yet. I work on it constantly. At least I got away from Facebook. I permanently deleted my account two years ago. That place was toxic for me.

I’m both a neurological mess and kind of cognitively awesome. What is mind? My best friend and my worst enemy. My pride and my failure. I can take it, I guess. I wouldn’t give up the good parts to get rid of the bad. I suspect my illnesses enhance the strengths in some ways. It gets complicated. I’m okay with who I am, even if that includes being a neurotic internet junkie.

I am sooooo glad I’ve never done facebook. I find it is kinda controlling to some people I know, that freaked me out enough that I was afraid of it.

Words and music by Bob Dylan
Bolding mine.

Back in the 1960’s or so, fluoridation of the public drinking water was the nefarious plot of the gleeful godless Communists to turn the minds of our youth into pliant mush. Today, it’s Facebook.

ETA: Oh, and as for the OP’s question: What is my mind? My mind is a little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow. My mind is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell BAD.

What? General Ripper’s posting here?

:: still waiting to hear from Mind’s Eye, Watering, and excavating (for a mind) ::

I’m inclined to approach the question with something akin to the same answer but a different take on it.

In our culture I think folks tend to believe “I am a mind; I have a libido”.

And I think the truth may be closer to “I am a libido; I have a mind”. That the mind, in all its amazing capacity, is in existence for the purpose of working out and implementing the truly ideal situation in which to engage in sexual and romantic intimacy and to procreate and raise a family.

That involves all sorts of ancillary considerations like making the world in its entirety an ideal place in order that one’s love relationship can develop in a totally groovy environment, and setting up the overall relationship between the relevant sexes so that the immediate relationship with an appealing person can proceed without a bunch of intimacy-thwarting social politics intervening, and so on and so forth. Certainly the desire that one’s kids grow up in a fulfilling fascinating safe and supportively nurturant environment leads people to try to affect their world in a positive manner.

Don’t be contemptuous of the idea of the genitals being in the driver’s seat. The instinct and its appetites and desires are not coarse crude things, despite being depicted as such.


My mind is me,
I am not sure my mind has much to do with my sexual behaviour YMMV.
I think my mind has some to do with my love or hate of others ( I hate very rarely). Which,I guess, transfers to my ‘love’ life.
I am not completely convinced that men think only with their other ‘brains’. Surely sometimes the head takes over, I hope.

Hahaha. You’re not wrong. I doubt that’s what the OP meant, though.

Mind you, Spice Weasel’s so-called “problem” is one of the reasons the SDMB works.

Thanks, Spice Weasel!

Not exactly, that’s a man’s response to the question, “What is ON your mind?”

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Hey, I got your mind right here!
Grabs crotch
Just let me dig around a bit…