What is your monthly car payment?

I got an awesome deal in general. I went to four dealers and with three of them, the price would have ended up being over $18k. But this one is about 25 minutes out of town, so it’s a bit of a haul, and to attract people, they often lower their prices. They were great.

Nothing! :slight_smile:

I paid off my Prius in March. The payments had been $343.45.

I see, you’re one of them! :slight_smile:

I had as car paid off once for 3 years. The whole 3 years I was itching for something new. Then last year I paid off my car on Tuesday and bought a new one on Saturday.

Owning a fun new car is one of the pleasures I get in life. I figure if I can swing it, fine. Only live once and all that. Though at times I wish I had your mentality.

Holy moly. I mean, if you can afford it, more power to you, but I run my cars for at least ten years. This Fit is my first new car ever; every other car I bought was either given to me by my family or bought for very very cheap. I really wanted a new car, even though I knew about the depreciation, but I figure it doesn’t matter as much since I don’t care about resale value.

Replacing a car every three years is something my family in India does, go figure. (Dad’s side - mom’s side is too poor.)

Both vehicles (2000 Nissan Frontier, 2003 Saturn Ion) are paid for and have been for years. When we get the new truck later this year it will be a cash deal. I too am a person who drives a car until it dies. The last truck I traded in had over 230,000 miles on it.

Paid off, so zero. Payments were around $150 for five years. Now it’s eight years old, but since I barely have 20,000 miles on it, I figure I’ll keep it for awhile (no, I don’t drive much).

$0 now, but at the time (a bit over 6 years ago) it was $360 or so. It’s an 05 and I paid it off in 07.

0-50. More specifically 0. I haven’t made a car payment in years. I don’t buy cars anymore unless I can pay for them in full.

$291/month for 48 months (including 3.5% finance rate)

$0! Made my last car payment a few months ago. Up to that point I was paying $280/month on a 3-year loan for a used Mazda3, and a few years prior $220/month for about half the cost of a new Fiesta.

My wife and I are brokeass grad students so I’m pretty proud of completely paying off two cars in three years. Editorial aside: it’s pretty amazing how comfortable finances are if you have enough to meet basic necessities and then live within your means. By comparison, my parents have 4x my income and are always struggling to make ends meet…

Mine is $811. But I only have one because I got zero percent interest, so I financed it for 36 months. It seemed to make the sales guy happy.

I usually pay cash for my cars. Even at 0%, I’m uncomfortable having car payments, so I’m paying extra each month to get it paid off early. We will be done in a month or two I think.

My car has been paid off for a couple of years, but the payments were $212 per month.

Bought a new Impala in December, paid cash for it. Same for Harley Davidson Fatboy. Owe 5k on Silverado which is paid ahead 6 months at 150 per month because I put so much down on it…I do not pay it off cuz someone told me you need o keep credit up with some kind of payment
As a rule I pay cash for everything. And since I started this, my savings are massively more than ever
Young folks, please take note.

I pay $302 a month for 60 months at 0% interest. 2009 Toyota Camry. I tend to keep cars about 7 years but I’m going to convince myself to keep this one for 10 so I can save money for another new car with a lower payment.

Also paid cash for a late model Volvo that I gave to a needy nephew

Our vehicles are all paid for - we bought the last one for cash + trade-in and that felt sooooooo nice! But if I recall, our last auto loan was over $400/mo. I need to point out that it was a 3-year loan on a $15K car with no money down. And we paid it off early. The goal now is to have enough in savings to do cash + trade, altho if we’re careful, we may only need to buy one more car before we can no longer drive. We shall see…

Mine’s $378.something but I round up to $380 on a 2012 Fiesta. I traded in a 2007 Impala that I still owed on and rolled that into the new loan (back-ended it). I’ve paid 13 months and have 47 to go. Take note kids, this in NOT the way to do it, but I get tired of cars quickly so I’m pretty much always trading cars I still owe on. I think I’ve actually only paid off about 3 or 4 vehicles. Although, to be fair, I bought one for $50 and sold it a week later for $75.

$620/mo for a 2011 Honda Accord V-6 coupe (the car + some of the remaining loan associated with the lemon I traded in), with 0.09% financing.

The amount I actually pay each month varies: usually $700/mo, but sometimes things are a little tight – like right now, because I just moved and have a whole bunch of related one-time expenses – and then I just make the minimum payment. Well, my minimum: Honda says that I only have to make a payment of a couple hundred dollars, because my account is ahead, but I never pay less than $620.

I’ll probably trade it in as soon as I’m no longer upside-down on the loan (hopefully within the next year): it’s a fine vehicle, but I kind of “overcorrected” after my sports car turned out to be a lemon…I’ve been wanting another sports car ever since.

$0. My 2005 Saturn Ion III is paid off. It’s nice not having a car payment.

Look at the Subaru BRZ! I just bought one and love, love, love the ride!