What is your most hated song?

Going To The Country by Canned Heat. It like… wants to be 12-bar blues? But the tempo is too fast, sung by a reedy-voiced white guy who is never quite on key, and a flute solo, of all things. Why is it still played? What is this song to people?

I love “Going Up The Country”, can’t explain why, but I do. (Just like others, I love a lot of songs mentioned in this thread, but also share the hate for others posted)

Well, not only me, it was popular enough to feature prominently in the Woodstock movie.

I remember listening to the top 100 countdown for the year on a December evening. Seasons in the Sun came in second. Number one that year?

So many memories too painful to remember
The way we were

Not a good year for Pop music – but at least we had some fine Prog to retreat to

They were trying to sound like Henry Thomas.

You win the internet today. :man_bowing:

Since I read this on Tuesday, Highway to Hell, AC/DC. It’s by no means my most hated song, but it’s a song I dislike which I still constantly hear. Please, blank that shit out.

Bad to the Bone is my M/W/F answer to this question, for the same reasons.

I’ll probably rile up a few of the old fogies in this thread. I hate classic rock, so I agree with the Zeppelin mentions, and other associated songs.

But the one song I hate more than anything else? It’s a tie between House of the Rising Sun, particularly the version by The Animals and Do It Again by Steely Dan.

I was never much of a radio listener, so my least favorite songs are typically those from bands I like, on albums I like, that make me have to skip over the ear-assault to get back to songs I like. This was a pain in the ass when I listened only to albums on turntables. So, Revolution #9 - the Beatles, ranks up there as a least favorite song (though it’s more of an experimental sound collage than a song).

But, I was held hostage listening to radio when I was in junior high and the bus driver blared his radio early in the morning on the way to school. The station he blared generally played good songs, but I always cringed when these songs came on: Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree - Tony Orlando & Dawn, The Candy Man - Sammy Davis Junior, and Muskrat Love - Captain & Tennille. They were enough to make me want to vomit my Wheaties.

While awaiting a haircut yesterday I was subjected to the local “Classic Hits” station and the dreaded “Pina Colada Song” played. When I was a radio DJ and I was forced to play that song, I always turned the monitor down to zero. The song has a catchy hook to it, but the content (a song about two cheating, self-absorbed, vacuous people who truly deserve each other) always irritated me.

Which version? :nauseated_face:

I should have differentiated between “Christmas Music” and “All Other Music” when I submitted Sleigh Ride. :face_vomiting:

Anything sung by Michael McDonald.

It’s really crazy how the opinions on his voice are so polarized. To me, he sounds like he’s straining for a bowel movement in a heavily carpeted bathroom (canonical example), but I’ve heard many people say he sounds like sex on a stick. I don’t get that at all.

I only like the Doobie brothers BECAUSE of Michael McDonald. I hate most of those whining southern shitkickers bleating on and on, but the Doobies are quite listenable. Because of Michale McDonald. “Taking It To the Streets” :grin: - happy music to me

There is a reason why in The Good Place that jingle is the official Bad Place song.

I have not read the tread because I don’t want to be influenced, so if I’m repeating or the conversation has drifted, forgive me.

Sweet Home Alabama. I hate it. Hate, hate, HATE it. I hate that it’s a celebration of the right to be a fucking racist and I especially hate that white people defend it as not a celebration of racism.

How they contort the actual words to make it say the opposite of what it says and disregard the very reason why the song exists in the first place. How they use the black background singers as evidence that the song couldn’t be racist as if black people weren’t and aren’t used to further any song, institution or thing by whites without even the pretense of a second thought. And this is done by my friends-- MY FRIENDS!-- which shows just how much it is ok to be a racist even among non-racists.

For a while I thought maybe my non-racists friends were right about this song but the last 10 year or so have shown me that no, almost all white people do not want to see it, it makes them uncomfortable-- even the good ones.

Sweet Home Alabama makes reference to Alabama by Neil Young (“Alabama … your Cadillac has a wheel in the ditch and a wheel on the track”), so it is at least partly a response to the diss. It is subsequently referenced in the chorus of Warren Zevon’s Play It All Night Long (“Sweet Home Alabama, play that dead band’s song”).

It is a response to a few songs calling out Alabama for being racists, so yeah, it’s a response to a diss. A deserved diss. And pointing out other states are racists too does not endear me at all.

Yeah, another Neil Young song condemning Southern racism that’s referenced in the song is “Southern Man”, in the line “a Southern man don’t need him [Neil] around anyhow”.