What is your natural sleep pattern?

9 PM to 6 AM next day.

I usually can’t sleep for more than three or four hours straight. Usually I wake up in pain, get up, take a painkiller, pee, (or pee and then take the painkiller), and read or surf until the painkiller kicks in. Then I go back to bed. And I don’t seem to have a 24 hour cycle, it’s more like 26-28 hours, which makes it a pain when I’m trying to schedule medications, because I’ll be awake at a certain time for a few days, then I’ll be asleep during the next few days.

I can’t seem to change my current pattern of waking up between 3 and 4 every morning. And 7 hours of sleep is about the average for me. So I end up going to sleep much too early.

My natural cycle would be to stay up until I get sleepy, then sleep until I wake up. Since that doesn’t correspond with 24 hour days, I rarely get to do it.

I need a LOT of sleep, and I like to sleep, and I’m a night person.

My natural sleep pattern ends up being somewhere in the 3-4 AM to noon range.

Because I have standard 9-5 working days, I really only get to sleep naturally on the weekends, but because I’m not able to sleep properly during the week, I tend to overload to catch back up, which puts me at 2 AM to about 2 PM on the weekends, and about 1 AM to 8 AM during the week. I have tried and failed more times than I can count to get to sleep earlier during the week, and it never works, and makes me stabby, so I simply expect my weekends to be shorter, and make sure to plan around that.

Typically about 10pm-5am: less around midsummer, more around midwinter. I’m also a morning person: on most days, my brain goes into shut-down around 5pm (which thankfully tends to be my quit o’clock), after shut-down I can still do simple tasks but shouldn’t drive, operate heavy machinery or make important decisions.

I have this exact same problem, except it works both ways. When I finally do get to sleep I don’t want to wake up.

Like so many others, I seem to have a natural cycle that is much longer than 24 hours. I can stay awake for 20 hours quite easily, but I can also sleep for up to 14 hours. Ever since I was a teenager people have told me that I’ll grow out of this, but I’m 33 and it shows no sign of changing. Of course, the world doesn’t operate on my schedule, so I’m basically always tired.

Agreed. When I was a teenager my dad used to wake me up on Saturday mornings and say “you’re missing the best part of the day!”. God I hated that.

I’ve been working 9 - 5 jobs too long to know what my natural pattern is. I know when I was a teenager, it was to go to bed late and wake up late morning, but teenagers have different sleep needs to adults, so I really don’t think that would apply now.

The pattern of sleep I actually get is: asleep by midnight, wake up around 3.30am, maybe go to the loo, maybe read or listen to audio for a bit, then back to sleep and awake again around 6am.

I suspect if I had no electricity and no diversions aside from books, 10:00PM-7:00AM would do me a treat, depending on sunrise/sunset.

Being that the charms of alcohol, socialization, internet chat, etc. have been known to keep me up literally all… night… long (and down all day the next day), it’s hard to really gauge what “natural” means. “Unchecked indulgence” would be like 2AM-11AM.

With electric lights, computers, etc. I end up going to sleep around 1:00 or 2:00 and sleep 8–9 hours. I had a week or two stretch in college when I started to go to bed at dawn and sleep until afternoon. Sleeping during the day sucks, though.

When I’ve been camping for at least a couple of days, I go to sleep much earlier and sleep longer. Our natural sleep cycles are probably nothing like what anyone on this board has experienced unless they’ve done something similar to a long camping / hiking trip, or spent an extended time without electricity. Exposure to artificial light doesn’t just make it possible to stay up longer doing stuff, the light exposure actually changes your circadian rhythms. That, coupled with the regimented time we deal with in industrial societies, makes for some bizarre sleep problems.

Anyone who says they have insomnia should try a really long hike. I guarangoddamntee you won’t have any problems falling asleep after a few days. It’s not just the extra activity, because I’ve had jobs like loading trucks that required more actual movement and energy output. It’s having an actual day/night cycle that isn’t skewed by extra light, and having enough time to actually sleep as much as you need to sleep without a clock telling you that you need to be up at this time no matter what.

I usually go to sleep around 2-2:30 AM and get up around 6-6:30 AM, with about 1 night every 2 weeks or so where I don’t bother to go to sleep at all. Then I go to sleep at midnight and get up around 7.

I worked 12 hour nights for most of 40 years, so I tend to sleep best during the day. I don’t have a regular pattern. I rarely sleep for more than 2 hours at a stretch, but get a total of 8 hours.

If I were suddenly to find myself unemployed or on vacation, nothing would change. Midnight until 6, almost without fail. Given the chance, a nice noon nap will happen.

If I had absolutely no time cues at all (stupid job is cramping my style), I’d sleep from 3a-9:30 or so. With work in the way, I usually sleep from 12a-6:30.

Somehow you quoted me as saying that, which I didn’t. :slight_smile: But I’ll answer anyway: I don’t know. Possibly. I know it’s my brain that won’t shut down when I need to sleep; I can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and still the hamsters keep running. Tylenol PM usually works great for it.

A slight side note: I have a niece who, for reasons I am not sure of because my little brother and I don’t talk much, a brain tumor is all I know, is missing the part of her brain, or something, that puts you to sleep. She is now a teenager who hasn’t slept in over a dozen years.

This fascinates the FUCK out of me. I wish my brother and I got along better for many reasons, but I admit I really wish I could know this whole story.

BTW, wanted to add:

As far as sleep goes, what with caffeine, computers, lights and other stimulants, the people I think are the odd ones are the ones who CAN naturally go with a 24 hour cycle. I mean, come on, we moved out of the diurnal living lifestyle decades, if not centuries, ago.

Probably about 11pm till 6am or so. Can’t remember the last time I stayed in bed past 7am.

No offence but as sleep is a fundemental part of the human condition I find this difficult to believe. Perhaps I’m misreading but I don’t think any person could stay awake permenantly. Lack of sleep is actually dangerous, if you don’t sleep it’ll eventually permenantly mess you up.

Thanks for the answers everyone!

Yeah I know, which is why this fascinates me. I think they chemically induce…something…really wish I knew more about it. Last time I talked to her, at least 8 years or so, she was…well, fine. She rested, certainly, and ‘sleep’ was a part of her day, or night, or whatever, but she never actually ‘slept’. Bright, smart kid, too. Which makes sense, considering she apparantly just thought about things all ‘night’. :eek:

If I ever find out more about this I’ll post, I promise.