What is your race?

As far as I can tell, we haven’t had a poll about race since the polling feature was enabled, and I’m just curious to see [del]exactly how lilly-white this place is[/del] roughly what the demographics here at like. Obviously the poll is flawed/incomplete – just trying for a rough snapshot.

Only select one of the mixed-race options if that’s how you think of yourself/self-identify; obviously we’re almost all mixed to some extent.

It’s a private poll, but make a post if you’re not too shy with details.
– VarlosZ: White (English/Irish), American, 30.

Asian Indian, American, 35.

I was tempted to vote for “I Don’t See Race [/Colbert]”, but I see this more as question about ethnicity than about “race”, and in the U.S. I am “white”, despite being 1/8 of Chinese ancestry (the other 7/8 being English and Scottish).

Oh, and I may as well take this opportunity to repeat my favorite iteration of Colbert’s joke:

“I don’t see race. People tell me I’m white, and I believe them, because police officers call me ‘sir.’”

Native American/White hybrid.

40 year old female American honkie.

Since I’ve never found evidence of Indian or black ancestors, I’m assuming that I’m white, not of mixed race, American.

I didn’t see a “master race” option. So I’m not voting.


Pale blue.

You need to see a doctor about that, you know. Unless you belong to the Blue Man Group.

Dude, my ancestors came from places where the sun is regarded as something largely theoretical. If I was any whiter I’d glow. I don’t tan, I stroke.

Not seeing a category for leprechaun, I abstained.

Of course we’re letting a lot of swarthy types–not “lily” at all–pass as “white” these days if they want to.

I chose ‘Self-Identify as mixed-race: White/Black’ as my dad is white and my mom identifies as black, although she’s actually biracial.

For simplicity, I identify as biracial.

I did the same due to the lack of “human”. Okay, I actually voted Indian.

Half Italian half Irish. Does that make me white?

I’m mixed race if you consider mixing white with more white a mix.

I have no sense of rhythm at all.

Utterly white, American of mostly British extraction.

White (Irish/Jewish), with a smidgen of African-American several generations back. I only identified as mixed-race when I was a teenager bent on non-conformity.