What is your typical stress level?

Scale from 0 to 10. Zero is completely mellowed out, 10 is frazzled, annoyed, and/or enraged to the bone on a regular basis.

Zero here, if you want to know.

A 4.

I use to be a solid 7 or 8 when I gave a crap about silly things. I’ve learned to let go.

A 2. Basically a lot of the things I find stressful I refuse delivery of. Makes the things I can’t avoid really manageable.

Typically a 3. From July to October last year it was past 7, though. Do not wish to revisit a year like the last one.

Probably about a 9 all the time. I’m losing my hair, and, slowly, my sanity too.

I’m too stressed out to even answer this now.

I interpret “typical” to be median and not mean. On that basis, I score a zero. Which isn’t to say that I’m never stressed–but it’s very rare, and pretty mild even then. I’d say the mean is 1.

I’m a 9. My heart-attack or stroke is long overdue. I’m thinking of tattooing a DNR on my chest.

Pretty stressed lately. I’m still dealing with the after effects of my son’s stroke – he’s going off to Germany for a study abroad program in a few days and that’s added a new level of stress on top of it. And my work has been quite stressful lately as I seem to be constantly needed for one thing or another. I voted a 7, but it’s more like 7.5. I am hoping things calm down after I get the little Jay Bird off to Tubingen.

I’d say a 3. I have a toddler, and that is a ton of work, but overall I try not to let other stuff get to me.

I ticked 8, as sometimes I don’t want to punch in the face people I work with, or people who just happen to be in the near vicinity. I’d never physically hurt anyone I work with but I do get an urge, occasionally, to fuck up someone. I remember having the same want more than ten years ago; it’s a passing fad.

Curious? Is that regular or not?

  1. Half of it is from stupid inconsequential things, the other half is from trying to distance myself from stupid inconsequential things, realizing that everything in life is stupid and inconsequential, and falling into the pit of nihilism. Thanks, Nietzsche!*

*And yes, I suppose a true nihilist wouldn’t actually experience too much anxiety. Another thing to worry about . . .

Minus the enrage part, Frazzled/distracted/fatigued describe how I feel petty much every single day.

Maybe I’m overstating it, maybe not. I’ve given up trying to put numbers to my levels of depression, stress, suicidalness.

Mine’s pretty low. I put 3. Normally it would be around zero but I really am trying to make a career change and the constant job hunting, then hopeful interviews, then let downs are always there as a low annoying buzz in the background.