How happy are you, right now in your life?

Me, I’m pretty content-never been better actually. I just watched a wonderful sunset, with Venus and Mercury very close in the western sky, and got one of my ACT students to reach his score goal. But I’ve been like this more or less for 18 years now (you would never know I once suffered from severe depression). So I’ll be a bit modest and peg myself as a “9”.

Poll is private, with expiration date.

I went with 2, mostly because I get hit with these really low lows every once in a while, and they take out the moderate highs (I’m talking 5.5 at most.) I used to be a whole lot happier, but didn’t realize it because I had never been this down.

Right now I’m pretty lousy. I’m finally getting back in shape, so that’s good, but not having a job is really getting me down. My boyfriend and I are both stressed out about money and it’s affecting my sleep and I just feel like I’m not good enough. I’ve been applying for multiple jobs every day and have had a whole 2 calls. It’s so discouraging.

There is no way to say…

My life is amazing, and is unbelievably exciting and fulfilling. It’s been like all my dreams keep coming true. On a grand scale, I am pretty happy.

Right now this second I’m pretty content, just wasting time before I have to get going for the day. I’m watching funny stuff on YouTube and drinking sweet coffee.

Week by week, though, I’m up and down. I’m at a point in my life now where I am just waiting for the next thing to happen. There is not that much that is immediately fulfilling me, and I’m not getting a lot of life’s pleasures. I’ve gone through a tough couple of months, and that has weighed on me.

So I am all these different levels of happy and unhappy at once.

My wife wants a divorce, after we moved 3000 miles away from all my friends and family, and has told me that she never really felt she loved me the way a wife should love a husband, but it was easier to get married and hope for the best than to tell me this 7 years ago.

I’m at a 2, and have been for a few months now.

My life’s pretty good. I’m beginning to contemplate retirement, and this causes a whole lot of things to come up. Like, can I really afford it, if so when, and where will I go, and what will I do. So I’m evaluating a lot of things in a half-assed way, and that sort of eats into my general contentment at the moment. I expect to get past that, though.

Work is stressful at times, but overall I enjoy what I do. My boyfriend and I are at a good place in our relationship, but because of his father’s recent illness it’s been a rough time in general. I haven’t seen him in over a month. So my life could be better, but it could also be a lot worse. I am more or less content.

I am at a 5 holding pattern for a few more days.

My get in shape plan is proceeding on course, but a long way to go. But mostly I am waiting on a job interview decision after being out of work for 6 months. i thought the interview went well, and they are hiring 2 people. But there are hundreds of people out of working programming in the area, so I know they might get a couple who blow them away.

It’s a job I’m a good fit for, and could do fairly contentedly all things considered. In other words I have my hopes up :wink:
Will likely go to a 2 or 9 on Monday or Tuesday,

I’m getting married in a month and I’m finally going to law school in August after 5 years of dithering. I’ve won my weekly poker tournament twice in the last three weeks.

Life is gooooood. :slight_smile:

Sorry to all in the dumps. I hope things get better for yous.*

I chose 7 because objectingly my life is awesome. I have a good easy job, good family and friends and I’m single so I get to do whatever the hell I want whenever I want.

But I feel like my life has stalled and is stale even though I enjoy what I do for work and in my free time. I know I have it good compared to others but I still get the feeling that I’m fucking up, not doing enough, not doing what I should be doing and sometimes I get really lonely. During those feelings to cheer myself up I’ll go out with friends or family but I’ll think while I’m out that, “Fuck, I’m enjoying myself now but tomorrow it’ll be back to the same old same old.” and it won’t ruin my current excursion but the next day the prophecy comes true.

I know I should change things and find hobbies and other stuff to do but I don’t and I don’t necessarily mind that I don’t until those feelings return.

So I guess for TLDR:

I think my life is awesome but I don’t feel that way.

*And what the hell is the plural of you? Yous? Yous guys? You people? Yo MTV Raps?

EDIT: Well hell dude, RNATB, Congratulations! Winning poker!, kick ass, well you are the stud aren’t you. Oh and the marriage thing or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

I put ‘‘moderately content.’’ As a grad student, I don’t think I can expect much more than that.

No, seriously, I’ve done a lot of work on myself… sometimes I forget how much. Yesterday I was cleaning out the closet and I found an old letter from my therapist to the director of Services for Students with Disabilities describing this psychologically crippled person who was missing weeks of class at a time, often forced to withdraw, and should be provided all these extra accommodations… I had no fewer than four clinical diagnoses… chronic PTSD, recurrent major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder NOS and dysthymic disorder.

That letter was written seven years ago. When I read it yesterday, I had just come home from a full week of graduate school classes and 24 hours of internship work, spent some time working on a paper and then stopped by the local book store. You know, like a normal person.

It’s so easy for me to forget that there was a time in my life when my husband had to drag me out of bed and enter into extensive negotiations just to get me to get dressed and walk with him to the corner store.

I felt like I was reading about someone else, in some other life, so far away.

So yeah, I might have some anxiety and depression here and there, but I have a life. Can’t complain.

Right this very moment I’m miserable. I voted a little higher than I actually feel today (just a little) because I’m conscious that as bad as things are for me today, my house hasn’t been destroyed by an earthquake or a flood, I’m reasonably healthy, and all my basic needs are amply met.

If I saw myself as the lowest level the universe might respond by finding a way to prove me wrong.

Things are pretty awesome right now. We’re having our first baby in August, moving to MA in September where my husband got a job (his first choice, and his second choice also offered him a position!).

Pretty damn content. Wonderful wife, beautiful and loving child, challenging career I enjoy, have done a good job of planning and saving and now am enjoying those efforts, have tried to surround myself with the things I enjoy and limit my exposure to those things I don’t. There’ll be a few hiccups from time to time but they’re easy to ignore now because everything else is so durn good.

Well, let’s see: I’m unemployed, living on savings, and have had a cast on my left arm since March 1st–a full plaster cast that went halfway up my upper arm for 25 days and now a lightweight fiberglass one that stops near my elbow.

How happy am I expected to be?


Amazingly well-paid job
Not much debt
Roof over my head
Enough to eat


Divorced and childless, wanting to find love again but instead being messed around by various women
Job is stressful and boring
Mortgage is pre-recession, so can’t afford to leave the pre-recession salaried job
Don’t care much about myself really
Undergoing forms of mood-related inertia

I gave myself a 3. I have been at a 0 occasionally in the past couple of years, so it’s an infinite improvement.

I’m an 8/9.


Healthy, for the most part.
Wife with three healthy children.
Good paying job.
Home in the country with lots of land.
Love my job.
No debt.
Advanced college degree.


Chronic fatigue/lightheadedness.
Wife has stress and anxiety issues.

I put an 8. I could be more happy with my career - really, my pay scale, since work is relatively unimportant to me - but my home life is happier than it’s ever been in my life.

I voted 8 - I’m happy :slight_smile:

I’m coming out of a decade of misery and now I’m content with who I am, where I am and where I’m going. There are “details” in my life that need work, but they aren’t getting between me and feeling happy.

I put myself at a 9 (there was no 8.5, where I’d really put myself), I’m pretty damn happy.


Just moved into an awesome house with my boyfriend, who I’m madly in love with
Happy at my somewhat well paid job
Training for a half marathon which makes me feel physically and emotionally happy
Lost over 30 pounds last year and have kept it off
Negatives (or, could be better)

32 years old, never married and childless (something I’m hoping to remedy)
Still a bit awkward at work, socially (never date people you work with. Especially when they’re social director of the office)
In a bit of a holding pattern at work (which should go more in the nuetral category than "could be better.)