What is your "utility" music?

My lovely husband bought us tickets to this (which I am super excited about) and I had a thought. When I’m cleaning or doing housework I *always * listen to **The Hives ** or **Violent Femmes ** because they make me bouncy and it helps me to forget the monotony and boredom of what I’m doing.

What songs/albums/artists do you listen to for a specific purpose?
Does D’Angelo do it for you in the bedroom?
Does Charlie Parker help when you’re cooking?
Do you like a little Led Zeppelin when you’re getting ready to go out?

Tell me!
I can’t be the only one who does this type of thing.

Weird. I was just thinking about this yesterday. o_0

But, yeah. If we’re doing a large amount of cleaning my Mum puts on Billie Holiday and Diana Washington. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. So, now when I hear either, I feel like I need to start working. Uhmm, crap techno/pop stuff such as The Killers and Eiffel 62 when I’m exercising.

My “cleaning” playlist includes Blue Man Group, Freezepop, Mecano, and Venus Hum.

Can we talk about sex music? :wink:

I always feel like Stevie Ray Vaughn must be playing when my husband & I take a drive in his convertible. Or else ZZ Top.

When I’m cleaning, I usually play music I know all the words to and can sing along with. Yesterday, it was Nat King Cole’s greatest and the soundtrack the the Cowboy Bebop movie.

When I’m dolling myself up to go out, I listen to upbeat club music.

Jeff Buckley is good sex music.

Whenever I’m working (writing a paper, doing calculus, etc.) I put on mt classical music. When I’m working out Judas Priest or AC-DC usually does the trick.

I listen to downtempo stuff while at work. It all blends together and puts me into a kind of trance, perfect for monotonous data entry. For driving club and reggaeton are great, while mass-produced ‘electronica’ aka Moby is good while waking up/playing on the computer.

Oh, and Alanis Morrisette/Dido/Tori Amos are reserved for cleaning.

I like to listen to Nine Inch Nails, or R&B music like R. Kelly.
When I’m playing a fast-paced first-person shooter I listen to stuff like The Misfits or Nirvana.

For intense, work related concentration, I recommend Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs. I would not recommend the same work, however, as a soundtrack for sex.

When I’m the last person left in the office, I put Steely Dan’s Gold on the stereo and play it at moderately high volume while I’m finishing up my work.

I find it’s a mistake to have the soundtrack to La Dolce Vita on while I’m getting ready in the morning, or I wind up showing up at the office with inch-thick black eyeliner.

I can’t listen to music during sex.

Whenever I’m cleaning or organizing my stuff or whatever, I play hard-driving electronica like Wagon Christ and Mr. Scruff. It’s motion music.

For work I like the Beautiful Mind soundtrack (minus all the dippy love-theme tracks) and the Sneakers soundtrack, the Brandenburg Concertos, anything by Vivaldi and Akhnaten.

For cleaning and general black moods, The Crow soundtrack.

For working out, for some reason, I like it nerdy: the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, Schoolly D, MC Chris, Weird Al. I guess I derive energy from humor and irony.

If I have to clean, I either listen to poetry on cd or to goth and industrial. I like Assemblage 23 and VNV Nation for both exercising and for cleaning. In fact, I have to do dishes tonight, and I’ll be listening to both. For light wandering around housework it’s Gorillaz and Belle and Sebastian.

My thing is driving music. You know, when you’re doing a multi-hour trip, or just an long commute.

For this mood, some Neil Diamond alums are good, if they include songs such as “Longfellow Serenade,” “Desire,” “Crunchy Granola Suite,” etc.

Led Zep has some good ones, too.

Mostly, though, I burn my own CDs from a wide variety of songs.

Uh, I meant Desire’

Did I even get it right this time? (Des-uh-RAY)

At work, I listen to Strauss waltzes and the zither artistry of Anton Karas on my CD-Walkman. Makes the day speed by!

For cleaning, I MUST have music. It must be fast, but it changes with my mood. Bouncy pop for when I’m actually enjoying the cleaning process, angry punk when I’m resenting it. Either way, it moves me right along, whether I’m dancing with my Swiffer or using it to stab dirty corners.

For sex? Whatever’s on, really. I’ll stop noticing pretty soon, anway.