Working around the house all week. Which albums should I listen to? Need answer fast-ish

I am going to be doing work around the house all week. All alone, just me and my Spotify account.

I am entertaining suggestions as to what entire albums I should listen to.

Something Old 97’s?

Something New Kids on the Block?

Something Dave Borrow?

Something Blue Oyster Cult?

Whattaya got?

And why?

Compelling arguments made get first consideration.

The best album for working around the house is Violent Femmes eponymous first album.

MMM, why burden yourself with such questions? Hit up Pandora (Or Amazon Music, or I Heart Radio, etc.) and let them pick some tunes for you?

While I’m not sure if you have ROKU, for example, but they have music channels as well as most cable providers.

Rock On!

Also, in the spirit of the thread. I pick one of your own selections: Blue Oyster Cult. Why ? Because of The Reaper, and Burnin for You, among others.

Also, this has to be the first time in all of history that Blue Oyster Cult and New Kids on The Block are on the same list! :slight_smile:

Only by the night by Kings of Leon.

I love the whole album. Sex on Fire while scrubbing, heck yeah!

Tommy Guerrero - Loose Grooves and Bastard Blues:

Imagine a sophisticated urban sound, like an instrumental Steely Dan with a Latin feel. I love having it on and dipping into it while I read the paper Sunday morning.

While I am at it, I will also recommend Grant Green, Sunday Mornin’:

My favorite jazz guitarist playing great small-combo songs.

This is the type of music I love to have on when I am working from home or reading.

First answer, first outstanding suggestion. Love the Femmes.

Cranking it now.

Good one, Bo!

Old 97s? I would highly recommend Too Far To Care, Blame It On Gravity, or The Grand Theater Vol I.

If it’s available, their Best Of album “Hit By A Train” is worth a listen. Favorite tracks are their cover of “El Paso” and the live version of “Barrier Reef”.

Violent Femmes are in the books. Quite enjoyable.

Enright3 didn’t specify a particular Blue Oyster Cult album, so I’m cuing up Agents of Fortune.

I am only familiar with BOC’s hits, so this will be a new one on me.

C’mon Shoeless, pick one album for me.

(I must admit an El Paso cover has me intrigued)

I like rocking stuff when I’m working. George Thorogood.

Pick one? Go with Hit By A Train. It is a great introduction to the band.

I’ve always found Paul Simon’s music to be great housecleaning music. Go for Graceland, or the greatest-hits collection Hearts and Bones.

Also, you should listen to the Hamilton OCR. Because Hamilton.

I’m mellow when cleaning, so I go for a little Miles Davis “Kind of Blue.” Or, if I’m feeling a little more aggressive, but only slightly so, John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme.” Or Dave Brubeck’s “Time In.”

I like me some George. Pick an album for me. Greatest Hits are acceptable, by the way.

I’m down with Paul. I played **Graceland **nonstop back when it came out, been a while since I’ve done it A-Z, might be time. **Hearts & Bones **isn’t a greatest hits collection, but I’m pretty familiar with that too.

And Hamilton? Christ, that’s all I’ve been listening to for the past 2 months.

Pick one please!

I’m familiar with Kind of Blue and A Love Supreme, but not the Brubeck.

Pick one please!

And for the record, I’m painting, not cleaning. :slight_smile:

Currently cuing up Kings of Leon.


George Thorogood’s 30th Anniversary Tour: Live.

It’s got all the good stuff and it’s live!

When I need to put pedal to the metal and get some work done around the house, I need a good hard-driving beat and nothing provides that like headbanger rock. A favorite is ACDC’s Back in Black.

Well, “Time Out” is the classic. If you haven’t heard that, then you have to. “Time In” is the last in his “Time” series, and not as well-known, but more interesting, in my opinion.

Elvis Costello Armed Forces
David Bowie Diamond Dogs
Roxy Music Country Life

Why? Dunno…they seem to go well with cleaning house.

Make a “Toots and the Maytals” channel and see what kind of goodness pops up.

Blue Oyster Cult - OK. Just OK.

Enjoyed Kings of Leon

Also enjoyed Tommy Guerrero; this was a new one on me.

Haven’t heard back from shoeless, so Too Far to Care from Old 97’s is up next.