What job titles are best for potential partner?

Just something I was thinking about, now I’m back Tindering.
<Disclaimer: No offense intended to anyone in this thread. Even getting a job is not easy, and anyone with a job that is trying to do it well has my respect and admiration. Medical workers in particular right now.
I also don’t believe that salaries are necessarily the best measure of “worth”.>

I’m not sure that doctor and lawyer are the go-tos any more. Because everyone knows that these are jobs with long hours, and the latter has started to have something of a reputation of being boring.
Sure, the money and status are a big bonus, so they are still top-10, but I am not sure they are at the top.
Airline pilot has started to have some negative connotations too.

I’d say for both genders maybe Architect. It may well be long hours too, but most people are not aware of that. It’s an interesting-sounding, arty and sciencey, middle-class job.

Also for both genders: school teacher. Hear me out.
Here in the UK the salaries for school teachers pretty much start at the median salary; there is no connotation of them being poorly-paid. It’s a job that everyone is familiar with, and gives the impression of a grown up person. I think the stats say that school teachers do disproportionately badly in dating but I WAG that is more to do with circumstances (how often they get to meet single people of the opposite gender).

For men specifically, of course I’d expect heroic jobs like fireman or fighter pilot to still be very desirable.

In my experience, women don’t really care about your job title, just whether or not you’re adult enough to exist without a mother figure in your post-marriage life.

For those women that do care, well, don’t worry about them. If you don’t meet their standards, well, ¯_(ツ)_/¯. That’s what the dating experience is all about.

I’m not suggesting there are people out there with a list of eligible jobs or whatever.
I’m just saying which are a plus right now in western culture.

Anything which sounds like it earns 6-figures.

It’s really that simple.

I should be clear that this is all just from curiosity.
I have the typical kind of job where no-one knows what it is from the title, and when I explain, it doesn’t sound very interesting. (And I suspect we “miscellaneous” workers may constitute a huge proportion of the workforce now)…
But I don’t have any issue getting dates, or indeed getting second dates. I agree with you that maturity (and basic conversation skills) are more important.

Yeah, it’s really more of a question of targeting: women who appreciate offshore roughnecks (a 6-figure job) are going to be different than those interested in the CMO of a $50 million business. So, go with the sort of women you wish to attract and craft your profile to that ideal.

To the question, however:

Anything in the professions is still good - doctor, lawyer, executive.

Mathy/quant types are riding high, especially if you work in finance.

Lots of women interested in the arts: chef, artist, published writer.

If a teacher, I would put ‘educator’. Don’t know why, just a hunch.

If you’re worried that your job status is too low, put ‘< industry > professional’ and clarify when meeting. ‘Restaurant professional’ for a server or cook. Stuff like that.

Of course, women who were married to a, say, doctor, may never want to date another doctor as long as they live. That’s why it’s still all just a crap shoot.

In my fifties and I can’t imagine that the women I’ve dated would’ve been too excited to date a man with a non-zero chance of dying every time he did his job.

Maybe different ages differ, tho.

Also of course I am asking about the other way round. Yes, a lot of men are just looking to get laid. But among those looking for a relationship, I think the job of a potential date does have some effect.

For me personally, I think it’s more practical things like whether her job will involve a lot of travelling or long hours, or, frankly, interaction with handsome guys (that might make do the Ross thing and send a barbershop quartet :smiley: )

Sorry to dominate the responses so far…

‘Job’ is one of those variables I really don’t look for. Other than general attractiveness (I am human, you know), the three things which would cause me to swipe left (iow, saying ‘I’m not interested’, to those who don’t use dating apps), are:

  1. MAGA/conservative
  2. Alcohol in 3 or more pictures
  3. Profile language

1 goes without explanation, and I’m fine with MAGA swiping left on my libtard ass. In 1987, when conservative JohnT met his liberal future wife, political differences didn’t matter. Now, after 600,000 dead and an Insurrection? It matters.

2 is because I don’t drink nor like to congregate around people when the purpose is to drink nor do I have anything to add to any conversation regarding alcohol at any time. If you like to drink and go to bars, wonderful: you are simply not going to be happy with my teetotaling, largely silent, looking-at-my-phone ass when you haul me to Spirits, and I’m saving both of us a lot of time and hassle and expense with my swipe :arrow_left:.

3 goes to education, to how well we can relate, to my trying to get at the personality behind the words (My God, profiles reveal so much more than their authors intend, it’s fascinating), if you’re hiding something behind all the words, or, worst of all, you have a bizarre profile written in free verse about love and space and flowers and men and meaning of life and childhood and… you know the type, the woman who approaches her profile like a creative writing assignment, New Age Edition.

Don’t tell me you haven’t seen her. She’s everywhere.

Anyway, that’s what I look for.

Another variation on this thread idea might be summarized as “What job titles help make compatible partners?”

FWIW I often see “engineer” and “health care worker” couples. Actually I see this an awful lot. I’ve seen engineers married to nurses, and even seen “Aerospace Engineering Professor” married to “Chief Surgeon.”


Pastry Chef


I suppose it’s less about specific jobs or titles as it is what jobs are compatible and will provide the sort of lifestyle you want to live.

For example, if you are married to an airline pilot, corporate salesperson, management consultant, Big-4 accountant, military person, and other high travel jobs, you best be comfortable with that partner not being around all the time.

Some people like the “high power career / more sustainable job” balance. Like one partner might be a very career-oriented lawyer, banker, or corporate executive. The other might be a schoolteacher, social worker, creative artist that might not pay nearly as well, but may be more satisfying and flexible.

A couple with relatively low paying jobs like schoolteacher and nurse can have a decent lifestyle, but generally not near a massively expensive city.

You might also expect your partner to be transferred and expect you to come with them. I’ve seen marriages break up because (two real-life examples) one spouse was a big-city lawyer and the other a college professor with an offer of a tenured position at a small-town university, or a spouse who had an opportunity to move from being a small fish at corporate headquarters to managing a large operation in a distant city.

Any job that is never prefaced in the media with the word alleged.

I think pretty much just being in regular employment would be a plus, surely? Higher earning jobs might help, but that’s not a guarantee - a lot of people might prefer to be equals with their partner, and could see a high income potential BF/GF as leading to issues with choices of date venue etc.

A lot of people don’t put their jobs on their tindr profiles anyway. I stopped putting mine (subtitler) because for some reason people kept messaging me asking how they could get work in that field. I used to ignore them rather than just sending them a link to actual jobsearch sites. (It was also kinda insulting, the assumption being “I can type, bet I can do this job!”)

Doctors probably avoid putting their job titles because they’d get people messaging with health problems.

If I’ve learned anything from watching FBoy Island (and that’s a fair question), you want to list you occupation as either Bitcoin Investor or Influencer.

To that point, women LOVE multiple pics of your Tesla and they ADORE a 20 minute monolog about how Elon Musk is changing the world in ways We Don’t Even Know About.

Oh, and the new spelling is ‘fanboi’. You know, just so you don’t embarrass yourself.

Oooooo, I’m going to be a “Bitcoin Influencer”! You know, influencing bitcoin, and stuff.

Everyone in every movie and tv show I watch, ever, is a writer. According to these movies and tv shows, writers:

  1. Always have free time because they don’t work 9-5, they just have to write when moved
  2. Live in interesting places because that’s where writing happens
  3. Are always getting into Classic Scrapes while looking for that next story
  4. Still have that sense of responsibility because of the deadline

So if you want to have a fun and interesting partner, someone worthy of a movie or tv plot, you definitely need a writer in your life!