What job titles are best for potential partner?

cock model

Again, if serious, this would not be a good choice.
Apart from on Grindr I guess?

I think the gist of this question is “What job title would lots of people find attractive?”, as opposed to “What job title are you attracted to?” The best answer I have to that first question is cyber security manager. I have a single friend who has that profession, and he said he’s had women attracted to him mainly because they know that you make a lot of money in that profession.

Personally, I tend to be attracted to men in professions where you have to be active in your job. The last four guys I dated were a plumber, a firefighter, a police officer, and a stone mason.

I know a married guy that uses the keyword “discreet” in all of his searches. He’s a blowhard and he doesn’t deserve his wife.