What jobs have you held in your life?

Inspired by this thread by incubus I began to go over in my head all of the jobs I’ve ever held. It’s a pretty big damn list. So what jobs have other Dopers held during thier career? Which was best? Worst? Here’s a list of the places I’ve worked/jobs I’ve held:

Newspaper delivery boy
Burger King
Jerry’s Pizza and Subs
Flower delivery guy
assistant manager at an arcade
appointment setter
door to door perfume salesman
door to door amazing cleaner that will change your life salesman
desk clerk at a hotel
process server for an attormey
office manager
secret shopper
drug counselor
mule for a marijuana dealer
business owerner (computers)
computer technician
computer network engineer

The last is my current job, and by far the best. The workst was being a mule. Great pay but stressful as hell.

I’m not sure how complete this list is, but off the top of my head:

car wash attendant
pipeline leak detection crew member
shipper/receiver for restaurant chain
youth hostel attendant/bartender/cleaner
guy who hands out flyers on the street
night cleaner for a restaurant
pipeline corrosion survey crew member
security guard
telephone survey guy
library acquisitions assistant
pipeline construction inspector
pipeline construction project administrator
stay-at-home father

The best is stay-at-home father (no money, great perks.) The pipeline project administrator paid obscenely good money, but was highly stressful on several fronts. The library acquisitions assistant job was my favourite paid job - opening boxes of books all day long, and I was the only straight guy working in an office full of women.

Worst was probably security guard or telemarketer. It’s amazing how rude people are to telemarketers - screaming, swearing, and threats of violence were almost daily occurences (and this while I was raising money for PBS.)

“What’s your favorite …?” and/or polls belong in IMHO. I’ll move it for you.

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Line server (college dining hall)
Grill cook (college dining hall)
Chef’s assistant (college dining hall)
Government documents clerk (college main library)
Library assistant (college science library)
Grocery store deli clerk
Grill cook/cashier/milkshake maker (yes, this was my first job out of college)
Customer service rep for a consumer finance company (in a branch, not phone work)
Branch manager for the same finance company
Internal auditor for the same finance company
Internal auditor for another company
That’s it. Sure doesn’t look like much.

Temp (on and off, over the years)
Bagel bakery worker
Coffeehouse manager
Tutor, later assistant teacher, at a learning center / summer camp
Data entry person / proofreader
Toy store clerk
Freshman comp teacher
Freshman comp tutor (yay, someone else gets to do the grading!)

Best: various teaching positions. Worst: some of the temp assignments, in particular my one and only day as a telemarketer.

Answering phones (first job ever, at my mom’s company!)
Regis Hairstyles (receptionist)
Telemarketer (4 hours only)
Telephone survey taker
Avis - customer service
Worked for a clinic that did those mobile pet vaccination clinics
Inventory taker (never made it past the orientation/training)
Veterinarian clinic - receptionist, kennel worker
Doctor’s office - front/back office, multiple positions
Customer service for a recreation center
Literature coordinator at a surge protector company
Freelance bar/pub reviewer for AOL
Marketing communications coordinator (2 jobs doing this thus far)

Worst job: Telemarketer - all 4 hours of it. Best: Lifeguard - pure fun (I swear, if it wasn’t a summer job for minimum wage, I’d STILL be doing it!)

My bad.

Food service at a local retirement home (the rich old folks had their own personal restaurant in the place - it was very classy) - I went from a server/busser to a dishwasher to a prep cook.

Office chair-maker for Herman Miller, Inc.

Shipping and recieving for Meijer, Inc. (MI, IN, IL, OH, and KY Dopers will know what I’m talking about when I say “Meijer” [shudder])

Machine operator at a plastics factory

Grunt for a ceiling-cleaning business (lasted all of three days - WHOO-HOO!)

Gas station attendant

Cashier/stock at an “adult boutique and novelty shop.” (plus, since the [ahem] ‘models’ there gave hand-jobs to customers willing to pay for them, I guess that would make me somewhat of a pimp*)

Bus Boy

Short-order cook (boss was a prick; job lasted less than a week)

Gas station attendant, part two

And finally, processed beef and chicken specialist at Burger King. (OK, OK, it’s not as technical as it sounds, but it makes me feel special, OK?)

Plus, from about the time that I worked at the first gas station until the present, I have helped with my friends’ fledgling record company, Dead Logic Productions, doing book-keeping and talent-scout sort of work.

The best would probably have to be the first one, just for the fact that a lot of people I worked with became very good friends of mine (some of whom I still talk to today); very close runner-up would be the work with Dead Logic, although I hesitate to call that real work, since we haven’t pulled in much money yet.

The worst job would have to be the porno store, if only for the complete and utter wastes of life that I worked with.

That is way too many jobs for a 22-year-old to have had, although that is seven years’ worth right there.
*Yes, they did, and yes, it is illegal, and no, they haven’t been busted yet, although the police are watching them. And, FTR, I honestly had no idea that went on there till I saw it happening; I was told to keep my mouth shut. (but if I get called to be a witness, you bet your ass that place is going down in flames.)


Office Junior
Paper girl
Now recruitment consultant

Telemarketer (hey, it was a money thing.)
Krystal’s (The only girl working in the kitchen, thank you!)
Pharmacy technician - also delivered Rxs to 30 nursing homes, filed insurance, processed MAR’s, etc.
Waitress/Counter Girl/Hostess
Drug manufacturing (current job)

Of all of these, I think I liked working at the bar the best. Even when it was busy, I liked what I did. The job I’m in now is great for all the free time, but the work sucks.

Parkinglot attendant for a music arena

Newspaper Delivery Boy
Dishwasher for Mexican Food restuarant
Grocery Stocker
Periodical services provider at college library
Gas station attendant
Marketing analyst <------- now.

horesback riding instructor/camp counselor
caving instructor/camp counselor
real estate title searcher
radio station announcer/producer
math tutor
computer engineer for defense contractor
computer engineer for hiring outsourcing company
computer engineer for retail software

The worst was working for the hiring outsourcing company - it was a sweatshop, and my project was writing this stupid database tool that was designed whimsically by a jerk, with about 2000 ways to put data into the system and another 2000 ways to get data out of the system.

There were great things about all the other jobs. My job now is the best, all things considered (including salary), but sometimes I miss the radio station gig - I had the graveyard shift at an easy listening station, and shamefully liked a lot of the songs we were playing.

Newspaper delivery boy
Lawn mower
Rod man (surveying)
College cafeteria dish room
Government office clerk
A-V technician
College English dept. student assistant
College dorm reception desk
Fry cook/dishwasher in Mexican fast-food place
Prep cook in Mexican fast-food place
College writing center tutor
Proofreader for ad agency
Print produciton coordinator for ad agency
Freelance proofreader/indexer for university presses
Traffic coordinator for ad agency
Freelance advertising copywriter
Freelance calligrapher
Roadie/sound man
Proofreader for type shop
Service bureau technician
Service bureau manager
Software support manager
Software product manager
Vice President of Product Mgmt. & Support for software company
Software support representative
Software QA Manager
Technology program manager
Unemployed (currently)

Supermarket cart-boy
Supermarket cashier
Writer for three different comic book review sites
Web-page designer/manager for college newspaper
Columnist for college newspaper
A miscellaneous job where I ran a webpage, made phone calls, managed a database, got coffee, coordinated with the media and chaperoned 200 kids.
Law clerk
Author/seller of study aids for law students.

baby sitter
child actor (local and industrial stuff, nuthin exciting)
burger king (one day)
pizza prep/cook (4 years)
deliverly driver
file clerk
theatre carpenter
movie theatre concessionairre
college dining hall shift supervisor
retail video store clerk
actor/musician (yes this was actually a job for a while)
theatre audio engineer
Theatre Sound Designer
Freelance Audio Consultant (current, and also, by far, the best of the bunch)

Can I remember…

Street corner newspaper vendor
Floral delivery driver (sevral places)
Busboy/dishwasher (a couple of places)
Manual labor for construction
Burger cook/Burger joint manager
Shipping clerk
Reactor operator at a chemical plant
Drummer with a few dancebands
Door-to-door salesman (Club America - yuck)
Shade tree auto mechanic
Taxicab owner/operator
Night desk clerk at a hotel
School bus monitor
Chemistry lab assistant
Geophysical technician
President of a music production company
Seismic data broker
President and V.P. of two exploration services companies
Exploration geophysicist

The “Stores” section of a circuit board assembly factory. We handled all of the incoming orders, counted the parts (“hmmm… we need 500 so and so resistors”), put them in labelled bins, and sent them out to the other departments for further prep and assembly. We also handled all of the inventory. The factory eventually went out of business, as we could only handle smaller orders, and the market for that dried up.

Followed by dishwasher. A lesson in being fast when it counts. Also a lesson in double checking your paystub, and learning the labour laws. And I learned how to dodge a drunken Greek trying desperately to feel me up. I guess that could also count as being fast when it counts.

Sewing furniture in a furniture factory. I was having fun partying everyday, and told everyone that I wasn’t applying for jobs. If anyone wanted me, they could just call me up. And guess how I got this job? My dad ran a re-upholstery business, they figured that I must know how to sew furniture, and called me out of the blue. I remember thinking “Don’t look at the clock… Don’t look at the clock…”. When I finally figured it must be nearly break time, I’d look up, and realize that only 10 minutes had passed since I started work, and break time was hours away. When I quit, they offered me a raise and a ride to work. I said “No thanks”.

Waitress in a variety of places. I stuck with that for a long time for the tips.

Which led to bartending. I also managed the bar. Extremely interesting, and helped to mold me into the person I am today. Death threats, gang fights, calls to testify in court. I learned a lot there.

And all of that led me to student, so with any amount of luck, I won’t ever have to hold any of the above jobs again.

Fast food cook/cashier
Gas station attendant
Music store sales clerk
Bank teller
Legal teaching assistant
Legal research assistant
Law clerk
Associate attorney

paging through the Kiz File List Of Jobs…

~camp counselor
~typist for an orthodontist/dental professor
~English department head tutor (in college)
~R.A. (college)
~secretary for a textbook publisher (right out of college)
~waitress, hostess, cashier, and prep cook for a family friend’s restaurant (off and on from high school thru grad school)
~English teacher (grades 6-8)
~data file clerk at an insurance company (I lasted 2 weeks and then never returned after lunch)
~customer service rep, salesclerk, cashier trainer, and floor supervisor for a department store now gone kaput
~baking teacher intern
~pastry chef

There are other cashiering jobs here and there I didn’t mentioned because I usuall quit them within a month or so. The absolute worst were the office jobs…anything corporate makes me itch, never mind give me headaches!

The best jobs? Teaching and baking. I can no longer due the latter because of my back, so I’m planning to return to the former as soon as I get my credentials updated,