What Kansas Song on TWC?

Does anyone know what instrumental by Kansas is currently being used by The Weather Channel for background music to your local forecast on the eights? I know this isn’t much to go on as (a) Kansas has many instrumental intros or interludes, and (b) the format of the local forecast varies greatly from city to city. Still, any takers?

I believe it’s “Song for America”.

Usually, you can find the monthly playlist on the Weather Channel site:


However, it doesn’t look like they’ve added the January playlist yet.

FYI, while the visual format of the local forecast changes from market to market (depending on the software which the local cable provider has), the background music is from the satellite feed, and should be the same in any market during that forecast break. If you’re getting TWC directly off the satellite (such as from DirecTV), you’ll see a national weather and radar summary during that period, rather than your local forecast – but you’ll still hear the background music.

Yes, it was Song for America. It was a nice surprise to hear it!