What kind of cross training sneaker goes least terribly with relaxed-fit pleated khakis?

The only pants I find comfortable are relaxed-fit, pleated khakis from Dockers. Not trying to win any fashion medals here, I’m just trying to avoid the most egregious faux pas. Jeans are too warm; shorts it’s usually too cool out for them. So I wear khakis all the time, in colors ranging from light beige to gray to black.

Now, I go walking for an hour or so a few times a week and I wear khakis when I’m walking. Right now I wear black Clarks shoes that are approximately business casual. But I want some general use sneakers. I’ve always gotten cross training sneakers and find them comfortable for walking because of the cushioning.

Are there any cross training sneakers that would go OK with my khakis? I personally think khakis look stupid with white sneakers but some people say they’re particularly bad with black. Does color of the khakis themselves matter?

Thank you for your help.

Hiking shoes or trail running shoes. A lot of them are dark/earth colored.

Full disclosure: I hate black sneakers with anything. They are an abomination.

I like comfortable shoes, and I like to look reasonably nice in terms of how I dress. I also have plantar fasciitis, which means I need some arch support and cushioning if I’m doing much walking.

I wear chinos in various colors as well, except without pleats. I often wear light hiking shoes. Sometimes you can even find them in a style that has both shades of brown and shades of grey, so it will work with tan and grey pants. I also look for shoes that are sort of a cross between a dress shoe and a walking shoe. Clarks has some of these. Finally, for me, if I’m going to flat out wear sneakers, I just own it – I tend to buy bright colors so it’s clear I’m not trying to be matchy matchy.

I’ve got a pair of Scarpa walking shoes that do the job and are super comfortable. you could also look at sketchers as they have a variety of styles that will work. Lastly, if you want to go a little old school how about a pair of Doc Martin oxfords? :grin:

I know the usage of “khakis” here, but this still makes me smile. I would say chinos.

Have you looked at Crocs (shoes, not the rubber clogs)? I find them as cushioned as trainers, and the grey ones go with most things, with brown ones for when I need that…

New Balance 608 or 623. I’ve been wearing them for over a decade. Comfortable and look good with just about any kind of pants or shorts.

I googled the difference actually, and I’m still not 100% but my Dockers seem to be called khakis whereas similar Dockers are called chinos. I think it’s to do with the visibility of the stitching. Chinos sounds cooler so that’s what I don’t have :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with the hiking shoe suggestion. My last couple of shoe iterations have been Merrell Moab 2 shoes (Merrell Moab 2 Vent Light Trail Shoes - Men's | MEC). They’re extremely versatile, they work with khakis and I also wear them for walking with intervals of jogging.

Since you’re really not looking at heavy duty hiking or sports perfomance, I suggest looking for ‘walking shoes’.

If you want something with a dash of style, have a look at these. BTW, Keen are the most comfortable straight-of-the-box shoes have ever owned.

Are you the billionaire Steve Jobs?:

Cole Haan used to be better than they are now, however, because they’re all about fashion sneakers that are comfortable and go well with casual pants while not looking like sneakers, check out their Oxfords for men.

Here are some examples of hiking shoes that could go with different colors of chinos. My favorite are the Scarpas, but not everyone likes flashy colors.





Another option, for a little more formal look than hiking shoes. I would not wear these with black pants.


Thank you all for the recommendations!

I have this exact shoe. I bought a pair 5 years ago for a trip to Alaska and they are still going strong after much, much use.

Highly recommended.


Since this the SD after all, the word khakis actually refers to the color. It comes from the Hindi word for dust.

The British colonizers in India changed the color of their uniforms to a dusty color so that it would go longer between washes.

I encountered the word being used as a style of trousers only when I moved to the United States over 20 years ago.

Why did you think it made me smile, or that I quoted the fragment I did?

If you don’t mind no name, here are some neat looking Daxx from Walmart:


I picked up a pair a few months ago in a similar looking fabric but dark green without the two tone They look great with khakis and are very comfortable.

Yup. I like women’s New Balance because NB is one of the few brands I’ve found that sell brown sneakers. And brown goes well with most of the colors of pants I like. A quick peek at one of the ones you recommended shows they have a wide range of colors including brown too.