What kind of dog do you think this is?

We have these puppies and we aren’t really sure what kind of dog he is. He’s pretty big: at about ten weeks he weighs 23 pounds, but he’s not really that fat. He’s a little chubby, but tall and wide. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Here he is

His sister

Kind of a bad picture of the late (got hit recently) mom

We have no idea who the dad is. We figure he was just a mutt, but if there was something particular we could know that would be very helpful. Thank you.

Almost certainly a mix. The only breed I can say almost certainly is present would be Beagle, IMO.

A mix certainly.
The mother looks like german shepard + border collie, there’s a lot of those around. And I agree - there might be beagle in the pups.

His head sort of had a Rottweiler look to it. He sure is a cutie! :slight_smile:

He looks like beagle, his momma looks border collie, and sis’s coloring calls out retriever to me; in other words, a mutt.

He’s a good doggie.

Are you a good doggie?

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Who’s the good doggie?

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He’s a cute doggie! Muttly with a bit of beagle.

Both of the pups look to me like they might have a touch of Walker Hound in them. I’ve seen them both in that sable color and tri like the male pup, although I don’t think they usually have quite so much white on them. But you said they were a mix anyway.

The hounds run around here are often crossbred themselves, usually with another hound breed or with pits to breed lion-hunting dogs. A hound’s a runner too, so papa might not have been from the near neighborhood.

It looks like it has Bernese Mountain Dog with some rottweiller thrown in and maybe some evil beagle.

His sister looks a bit like a golden mix.

Mom looks like a rotty mix with a little German Shepard.

The second one (based on the eyes) seems to be some sort of a Bowie mix.

There’s definitely something of a Rottie to his face (and his mum’s from the look of it).

He looks almost exactly like my grandmother’s old dog (he died about a year ago), who was a ‘Heinz’, as we say. A well mixed mutt - 57 varieties of dog in there!

Here’s a good place to check out different large breeds.


Thanks for everyone’s opinions. He is cute, but ornery as a devil ;).

May I hitchhike on your thread?

My friend is fostering Champ and Raven. Anybody have a guess as to what they are?

I’d have to guess the 101 Dalmations craze of a few years back is responsible for their spots. IF Raven and Champ are littermates - I’d go with Dalmation/Collie tyep cross.

I’d agree that the OP’s puppies look like a beagle or some similiar hound type found his way to the mother.
FWIW - I know a receptionist at a vet clinic who is beloved by clients because she’ll guess exotic breed crosses at the drop of a hat. For instance, she’ll look at a large fuzzy mutt that dollars to doughnuts is a cross between somebody’s sort of Golden Retriever and a Rottenweiller “type” mutt and tell the owners that it’s a cross between a Newfoundland and a Irish Setter (as if a purebred intact Irish Setter just happened to be running loose and ran across a purebred Newfie in heat).

loctanster, the first picture you have looks almost exactly like my dog did as a puppy, and the other picture looks like her brothers. She’s a border collie/lab mix. We thought she was a Bernese Mountain Dog, like Shirley said, but we later met the owners of her mother and they told us what she was.

Oslo, I think Champ is one of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen.

Not littermates. More on Raven: she has big radar-type ears, usually erect, and a tail that curls 360 degrees. To me, she looks like a basenji, but that seems unlikely.

That picture is not very current. He is pretty much adult-sized now.

One of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met…