What kind of doughnut is this?

Story: There’s this local chinese buffet near my house. The people who work there don’t really speak any english besides ‘2 buffet?’, ‘credit or cash?’. They have this item on the buffet that’s titled ‘Chinese Doughnut’ that is absolutely the tastiest doughnut I’ve ever had. Everyone who’s tried one agrees with me here. I asked the people who work there what they are called, where do I buy them for myself? They didn’t understand what I was saying at all… Just kept pointing and saying ‘doughnut?’, ‘doughnut?’.

Anyways, I looked up chinese doughnuts on the net and everywhere else I could find. And real, traditional chinese doughnuts are long sticks of bread. This is nothing like that. I went to local chinese food markets and bought their chinese doughnuts and they are the traditional kind, long sticks. I tasted some, and they tasted NOTHING like the chinese doughnuts in this buffet. :frowning: I didn’t like them at all…

So now I’m thinking this buffet just has some kind of doughnut that’s really called something else… But call it Chinese Doughnut so it will fit in with the whole chinese buffet theme. I want to buy these! Or make them myself. So I took some pics of them hoping someone out there can tell me… What is this doughnut called? Or where can I get a recipe for it? Or buy it online?

Here’s the detailed pics:

PS: The bread is really soft… So soft it squishes down with just a little pressure. The top is coated with some kind of sugar coat, and there’s like little tiny flakes of sugar or something that fall off when you brush it.

That’s the normal sort of doughnut we get in the UK except we tend to fill it with jam.

My God! That’s not a doughnut - that’s a space station!

Sorry - the first pic is really big.

I always thought they were fried pop-biscuits (you know - bread in a can stuff).

I think they’re just small yeast-raised doughnuts (as brainfizz mentioned yeast-raised doughnuts often have filling), rolled in table sugar when they are still hot. A local Chinese buffet has these too. They don’t seem so different from other doughnuts to me.

Looks like the regular German doughnut to me, which would also be the yeast-raised kind. If you’re experienced with yeast dough, they are pretty easy to make. Here’s a recipe.
My mom prepares them a little bit differently, though. She takes little balls of dough, fries them and then puts the jam in afterwards with a kitchen syringe.

The doughnut is probably flavored by the fat they fry it in…could be it’s fried w/ all the chinese goodies and picks up a special taste…
Am I really the first, AM I?!

mmmmmmm, donuts…

It’s a Malasada originally from Portugal.
How they make them

(Malassadas to the Portuguese) and if you want to see what the world has to offer

Fried Dough from Around the World

Thanks for the links astro. Everything looks delicious!