what kind of insect is this?


My best guess is some kind of leaf-footed bug.

I agree, a leaf-footed bug, but be careful - there are assassin bugs that look similar, and they can give you an exceptionally painful bite - I’m speaking from personal experience!

Looks like a brown marmorated stinkbug. They’ve been spreading rapidly across the country over the last few years. They don’t bite, but are annoying and tend to swarm. Here in the mid-atlantic, they have become quite a nuisance. They destroy crops, for one thing.

If you google “stinkbug” you’ll find thousands of hits.

I dunno, the stinkbugs we have are broader (like a shield).

I call them Squash Bugs - and it’s definitely not a stink bug.

Upon closer examination - going with leaf-footed bug. Squash bugs have thinner legs.