What kind of name is Spoo?

The coach of Eastern Illinois University’s football team has one of the silliest names I’ve ever heard in my life: Bob Spoo. What kind of name is this? I can’t find any information online as to the origin of the name Spoo. He is white and very pale, probably of Northern European ancestry.

When I was in school, there were a bunch of kids with the last name Spoolstra. Could Spoo be a shortened variant of this name - which, from brief research, appears to be Frisian in origin?

Probably shortened from something else.

It’s Oops backwards.

I just checked the Social Security Death Index, and found 131 records with that name. So it’s hardly unique.

The Spoo clan appears to originate in Rheinland, Germany.



And apparently another Bob Spoo (possibly the dad?) was a quarterback for Purdue in the 1950s (Google News Archives).

What shape would you say his trousers are?

Then there was the musician, ‘Cat’ Spoo. I heard he stunk.


You’re thinking of SpoogeBob StainPants.

That explains it, then. How does he taste?