What kind of pastry dough is this?

I listened to a podcast this morning which was about a pastry chef who is making upscale pop tarts with fancy fillings like lemon/lavender and date/bacon. He said he made the crust from a butter-based pastry dough that sounded like “paprizzay”. I don’t know how to spell it, but I have tried googling various spellings like “paprise” and “paprezai” with no joy.

Any culinary arts majors that recognize this pastry dough?

Pate Brisee, maybe?

That sure sounds like it. I must have misheard it, though he only said it twice.

Very likely he said “Puff Pastry.”

It was a podcast I downloaded, and I have listened to it several times. It definitly had a “Zay” sound at the end, unlike pastry.

I’m pretty sure Ethilrist is right. “Paprizzay” is a perfectly reasonable transcription of how an English speaker might hear “pâte brisée.”

Not only that, but Pate Brisee would be perfect. I may try this, as I can get the pre-made dough at the supermarket.