What's this pastry? Italian, lemon-filled short dough

Saw it on The Cake Boss last night. It sounded like it was called “pustachuck”. I thought it might be something like pasticciaco (dropping the last vowel as I’ve heard many New Yorkers do) “Pasticciaco”, strangely, gets zero hits from Google (though in about 5 minutes it will once Google’s bots scan this thread).

Anyway - it was supposedly one of Frank Sinatra’s favorite traditional Italian pastries per the show. And after never having heard of it before, I heard of it in two separate episodes back to back.

It was shown as a tart pan lined with a short (very rich/buttery) pastry, filled with something like lemon curd, and topped with another layer of the pastry.

Pasticciotti - They are almost like little tarts or self contained pies with a flavored custard inside. Lemon, vanilla, chocolate, any flavor really.

I used to make them when I did that kind of thing for a living in a bakery in NJ. :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the show but what you are describing sounds like Pasticiotti. Usually filled with custard but easily could be filled with curd.

Did it look like any of these?

Recipes here, here, or here.

Thanks, both of you!

I can easily imagine " pasticciot’ " sounding like “pustachuck” to me, so I’m quite sure this is what he was saying.

Now I want some, dammit!

Well, I (and most of my customers) pronounced them 'pahsta-chot" - The chot sound somewhere between chut and chot and said with an emphasis on the ‘t’, if that makes any kind of sense.