Identify this bread/pastry?

This is going to be really vague, so I apologize in advance.

I saw a baked good in a catalog. Inadvertently, I threw the catalog away, and I have no idea what catalog it was.

The item had the basic shape of a loaf of bread. But they showed it in slices, and the individual slices were very holey. It looked as if three thin sheets of dough were rolled very very loosely so that the layers had wide gaps, then the three rolls were set side-by-side into a bread pan so that they formed a single unit as they baked.

It came in two flavors: cream cheese and something walnut.

Does this ring any bells at all for anyone?

The two flavors of cream cheese and walnut make me think that it’s rugelach, a delicious yummy crumbly pastry/cookie.

Is rugelach ever done in a bread size? This was like a loaf of bread with lacy holes. Hmm. Maybe more like crochet than lace. Big holes.

I made an impossibly bad drawing to try to get the idea across. This is what an individual slice looked like.

That looks like a Picasso rendering of Princess Leia.

I will go up and look in my Big Book O’ Bread (I actually have about four) to see if I can find anything that it could possibly be.

My first attempt looked a little too much like something from an anatomy book, so this is an improvement. :smiley:

I didn’t find anything at first glance, and I have to be somewhere in eleven minutes. I’ll have a boo when I get home, maybe I can find something.

Next possibility: palmiers, aka elephant ears. In some bakeries, I’ve seen them as large as my hand, which would fit the “loaf of bread” size descriptor.

Walnut Povitica Bread?

Bernice’s Bakery

Ooh, I think povitica is it. I found this picture here that has a few more holes and it looks exactly right.

Thanks so much, everyone. Has anyone ever had povitica? It looks fantastic to me.

Oh good. I knew it was something I’d seen in one of the three food/gift catologues I get.

I’ve had homemade Polish Makowiec in a Midwest US style as both a poppy seed roll sweet bread and a walnut roll sweet bread. It was twinned up, the dough and recipe divided with their specific fillings.

My mom and aunt make poppyseed and nut poticia every year for Easter, as sort of a throwback to their Slovak roots. Looks like this bakery is Hungarian, Polish, Slovenian AND Slovak :wink:

Theirs does not look like the links you or elfkin posted, tho. Theirs looks like what devilsknew posted.

Too bad you’re so “far out of town,” away from Cleveland. There’s a local bakery here that sells poticia right at Giant Eagle and it tastes just like grandma’s!

I’m sorry to nitpick, but this glaring error bothers me… it is creamed cheese.

Carry on.

No it’s not, at least not in the US, any more than we eat iced cream or drink iced tea.

Less so, in fact: cream cheese is a cheese made from cream, not a cheese that has been pureed.


Your wiki can post whatever it likes. Ice Tea and Cream Cheese and mash potatoes are all unaccepted, or non accepted. Take your pick.

So then what I’m I buying that’s in the package that says “cream cheese”?

I shall carry on calling it by its name.