What kind of person takes a 6 year old girl to see "The Crazies"?

(For those not up on the latest releases, The Crazies is rated R for “bloody violence and language”).

My “enjoyment” of this movie was effected quite a bit because a woman brought a little girl into the theater and plopped down at the end of my row. I’m sorry, this is NOT a movie for kids. I couldn’t help thinking what kind of nightmares that kid would be having tonight. Should I have said something? Jeez louise, what was that woman thinking? Is this what passes for parenthood these days?

I watched Enemy at the Gates with a cheery family group including little children seated behind me. They didn’t seem put off by the graphic macine gunning to open the movie.

As I recall Bad Santa was suitable for kiddies in some Aussie families.

My mother took me to a theater to see Alien when I was 6 years old. For a while after that I kept fearing that tentacles would come out from any chair I was sitting in, wrap around me, and an alien would get me (I was scared of the facehuggers more than the creature the crew had to battle).

Maybe the child just isn’t bothered by violence and blood.

I wasn’t at that age. As long as the child wasn’t petrified in fear or begging to leave, I wouldn’t worry about it.

It’s the little girl from the Bad Seed?

At one point during the movie I looked over and the girl had her coat over her head.

Oh well, I guess it must be me projecting my sensibilities on others. If I had a daughter that age, I wouldn’t take her to a movie that featured burning people alive, multiple gunshots to people’s heads, pinning someone’s hand to the floor with a knife, and impaling women with pitchforks.

My husband saw it at age 9, with a much older sister. He loved it - but had fairly frequent Alien nightmares that lasted for many years, and even popped up in his late teens and after.

Around his college years or so, he was babysitting his niece who was about 5 at the time. She was (supposed to be) in bed, so he was watching Aliens on TV. And then he noticed her, and started doing the “this isn’t really for little girls” talk. She gave him a look of amusement and patiently explained to him that those were people in costumes and puppets and stuff. He let her watch, and she asked for Alien toys for her birthday and Christmas. :smiley: Being a good uncle, he obliged!

Sounds like a cool kid. Yeah, I guess they don’t make kids as wussy as they were back in my day :D.

I wonder about this too. I saw a guy bring in a small girl to see Monster about serial killer Aileen Wuornos. The kid ran around through most of it, sat through some of it, and this in itself was distracting.

I also remember seeing someone bring in a 3-year-old to watch the last 20 minutes or so of The Silence of the Lambs. That bugged the crap out of me as well.

Damn. I remember when Rated R meant no one under 18. I got carded at The Wall when I was 20-something.

When I went to see Pulp Fiction for the second time in the theater a couple and their four or five year old daughter walked down the aisle. The older lady (she must have been at least 30!) sitting in front of me turned around and asked me “This is Pulp Fiction, right?” When I went to see the Dawn of the Dead remake a few years back the row directly behind me consisted of various children between the ages of three and fourteen.

I have no objection to someone bringing a gaggle of kids to a movie like Toy Story or Harry Potter. I just don’t see why people bring their young children to some movies.

Seriously. It makes no sense if you haven’t seen the whole thing.

There were several kids in the theater when I saw the most recent Rambo movie.

Who cares? Plenty of people do.

I was comfortable with blood and gore for most of my childhood (I had an apparent bout of squeemishness around the age of 8), but I never had a nightmare about blood or gore.

The idea that all children should be treated equally is silly, I’ve seen plenty who were fine with gore.

I am happy to say, where I live, they care.

Taking the ‘over 18’ guideline to, foolishly, mean only people over 18yrs of age.

I believe, if you tried that, where I live, not only would it not fly at the entry, but other theatre goers would speak up, I think.

A crazy person, obviously.

Slight hijack. My friend lets his 3yr old play Grand Theft Auto. Doesn’t seem to bother the kid, but a 3yr old playing GTA creeps me out.

It does sound in this case like the kid should have been taken out - or never been brought there - as she did seem to be very scared and not into the movie.

I laughed my ass off when, during John Carpenter’s Vampires, a mom was fine with her grade-school boy seeing really vicious vampire attacks and killings (lots of gore involved), but when naked breasts showed up on screen, whoa, her hand went right over his eyes. Yeah, boobies will scar you for life…

And yeah, figure9, I think that’s a tad young to be killing people and beating hookers in a video game. If they can intelligently explain why movies are fake, that’s one thing, but three is really young.

What I don’t understand is – WHY DOES ANYONE NEED TO SEE THAT???

That’s absolutely disgusting. Watching people being hurt. For shits and giggles. WTF. :mad:

I know it’s a free country and blah blah blah censorship blah blah blah artistic freedom blah blah. Y’know, those are just excuses for creating filth in order to make money. It’s disgusting.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Look, if you had gone over and said something, the little girl would have said, “Ha ha. Fooled you.” And ripped out your throat.

Oh wait, thats another movie… :smack: