What kind of pocketknife or multi-tool do you routinely carry?

I like to carry a small, simple little pocket knife on my person as I go about my daily business. I don’t want to carry anything too big and bulky and I have no need of the huge multi-tools with nineteen different “features” that do nothing but add weight and cost. For many years, my preferred blade has been an “Old-Timer” similar to THIS ONE. As far as I’m concerned, for my needs, a pocketknife doesn’t need to get much more complicated than this. With that being said, my old trusty has grown legs somehow and rather than just buy another out of habit, I thought I’d throw it out to the boards and find out what the wizened ones carry. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade? I wouldn’t mind finding one that can go on my key chain. Maybe I wouldn’t lose one every decade or so like I’ve been doing. If it has a convenient bottle opener that can be used without unfolding anything, so much the better.

Thoughts? What bladed tool is in your pocket right now?

I have a small (yellow) Victorinox Swiss Army Knife from a camping store. No scissors or corkscrew. I love the big red ones, but keep losing them. This has a limited selection of blades I actually use.

I really like Boy Scout knives too, for the same size/utility ratio. Also, unlike the Swiss army, I was actually a Boy Scout.

I have a small Swiss Army Knife that I use often.

I also carry around a multitool that I rarely use; it’s not particularly good at anything.

Very small Case single blade pocket knife. I think it’s probably their smallest model. Until retirement I carried a multi-tool in the side pocket of my lunchbox, but I don’t want anything bulky or large in my pocket. Like you (OP), I can do 99% of my knife needs with the tiny one.

Don’t get me started on the new hunters with their giant “tactical” knives. My hunting blade is also very small (3"). I think most people really go overboard on knives, but that’s just my opinion I guess. The only time I’ve carried a really large knife was when it was a requirement for my job.

Crocodile Dundee…?

Another small Swiss Army Knife user here.

About a 2.5" Buck lock back. Nice wooden handle. It, I think has a little class and is a very strong tool.

I carry a Gerber mulitool. On a regular basis I use the pliers, blade, scissors, and open paint cans. It goes in a belt pouch on my right hip.

Swiss Army Knife. Huntsman’s model.

A Kershaw Scallion. Spring-loaded one hand opening, and holds an edge really well. I use this on a daily basis for a variety of things and hate leaving it at home when I travel.

I would carry a utility knife, but the knife laws here in Ohio are complex and dependent on municipality. I have heard stories of people being arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon for carrying a knife. Until Ohio changes their laws on this, I’m not carrying one. :frowning:

Depends on what your daily business is, doesn’t it?

But I think it is safe to say that an authentic old-timer’s folding knife for general utility, the type that has been around for centuries, has nothing but a single carbon steel blade. Maybe a corkscrew/bottle opener built into the handle if you want to get cute.

That doesn’t mean you should not get a Leatherman Micra type of tool (or even thinner) that hangs on your keychain if you find that’s what you actually end up using on a daily basis.

I carry one of the large, locking SAKs in my pocket. It is the same model they sell to the German military albeit with a smooth, not serrated, edge. There is a Leatherman Wave in my purse. All of my keychains have some kind of little tool with a blade on them.

A box cutter, one of those that fold like a pocketknife. I use it as a moneyclip. I simply never learned to like sharpening knives, so now I don’t.

I own a single-bladed locking old timer, which I like. But right now my daily carry is a little knife that fits on my key chain:


It’s a surprisingly sharp blade, holds its edge, and while it takes a little more effort to cut something large, like an apple, it’s a useful blade that weighs almost nothing and takes no room in my pocket.

I use the smallest Schrade with a loop for my key chain.


I bought a two-pack of those key knives back in 2017. I ended up giving them, on separate occasions, to coworkers who expressed a liking of them.

I have a Leatherman Micra. The scissors actually work well and that’s what I use the most.

I couldn’t carry a knife or pocket tool when I was working so I got out of the habit of carrying one.

I often carry a Leatherman Freestyle. It’s about a 3-inch blade, with some small pliers and a wire cutter, and that’s it. Small and simple, and most of the time that’s all I need.