Do you carry a pocket knife?

My dad was never without his, but I can’t be bothered, I have too much crap in my pocket as it is.

How about you?

Yes, I carry a Leatherman in my purse. But the main component is scissors, and that’s why I carry it. The knife is kind of incidental.


Yep–I’ve got a mini swiss army knife on my keychain, and I use it all the time.


Uh oh, another pocket knife thread!

I always, without fail carry my pocket knife. I have several that I use for different things. The one I carry most if my Gerber serrated. It’s got the most use. When I go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant with my lovely wife I carry my Mokume Gane Buck Knife, a birthday gift from my lovely wife.
When I am in the woods I carry my Kershaw Hunter…

So yes, I carry a pocket knife. All the time. Hopefully I’ll pass this fixation onto my son or daughter.

I’ve got a Leatherman Wave in my messenger bag. (No, I’m not a messenger, it’s just the smallest lightest thing to carry my laptop, ipod, some thumb drives and that leatherman)

I read a funny article that proposed that: If you own a leatherman, you’re fixing something --badly.

Can’t say as I disagree with that assessment. Sure helps when I have a hangnail though!

Swiss Army knife. I used to supplement that with a Leatherman on my belt when I did tech support for a living, but now I mostly just need to open boxes and the occasional bottle of wine.

My original pocket knife was a Manilla Folder butterfly with beautiful brass-and-wood-inlay handles, but I stupidly tried to enter a courthouse for jury duty while carrying it, and now it’s gone. I even had the temerity to ask if I could have it back when I left.

Small cheap brand X jackknife. Haven’t been without one (except on a plane) for 40 years.

I used to carry two for no special reason. Now I don’t carry any nor do I wear a watch anymore. Just money and keys and a comb.

Yup* - a plain 2-blade that my grandfather carried.
Working IT I had a Leatherman on my belt at all times, but not lately.

*except today it’s sitting next to my phone, which I also left at home

Yes I do.

I usually keep it in an inner pocket of my purse. I got it from work, and I use it regularly there and at home.

I know my Dad and brother do too.

Three, usually. I carry a Leatherman Pro on my belt, a Leatherman Squirt in my left front pocket, and a Gerber Paraframe in the other front pocket. Plus the one in my pack, if I’m out and about.

Ditto, I’d feel nikked without it.

Always. Buck lockback. Sooth 2" blade.

I carry a mini Swiss Army knife on my keyring. It has a two-inch blade (useful for opening boxes) a flat screwdriver/file (useful for opening screws (even Phillips head ones) and filing fingernails, respectively), a small pair of scissors (useful for stray threads and cuticles), a small pen (useful for taking notes) and a red LED flashlight (useful for providing a limited amount of light, although I wish it had a clear LED). I love it, and wanted to get a spare as a backup but can’t find this model now.

I’ve got a Gerber Shortcut hanging on my keychain. I use it all the time. A wonderful instant-access tool. I got it to replace my Leatherman Micra which was basically the same tool.

I lost the Micra, replaced it with the Shortcut, then refound the Micra. So now I have two! Yay! The Micra now lives in my truck’s glovebox.

I keep almost buying a full-sized Gerber or Leatherman but just keep stopping short. The best time I can think to use it is when camping which I don’t really do enough to justify the $40 to $75 dollar cost of the most attractive models.

I’ll probably just get one in the future for standard big-dumb-guy reasons.

I sometimes carry a Kershaw “Ken Onion” pocketknife. I also have a Cold Steel “Mini-Pal” on my keyring.

Yep. A Meyerco Speed Assist Razor in my pocket and a Schrade Tough Tool on my belt. It’s about 5 or 6 years old, and it’s time to replace it. With another Schrade Tough Tool.

Barring travel on commercial aircraft, I’ve always got 1 or 2 knives near or with me.

Victorinox Standard in my pocket everywhere except airplanes and courthouses.
Either a Gerber or SOG multitool on my belt. (The SOG has the irritating “fold sideways” pliers, but it has a belt holster that fits sideways so that it does not attract as much attention when I’m in dress slacks.)

Yup, a Swiss Army Knife (Victorinox Officier) and a Leatherman I got as a program committee gift attached to my keychain. I lost my last one over a year ago and we just found it under the dresser, so now I have a backup.

Mighty handy. When I was in grad school my key broke off in the lock of my apartment, and I was able to break in using my knife.