What kind of Shirt would you want to have?

I can already see mine. It’d be the guy standing in from of the line of tanks in Tiannamen (sp?) square. On the back would be some kind of insightful quote. So what would you want? It can be humorous or serious, whatever.

“Why be normal”

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”

Anything from Hot Topic.

As my hero George Carlin would say: “I have a t-shirt that says ‘Fuck the Cows’ on it.”

Well, what’s the use of a shirt if it doesn’t make people think/laugh/get confused/interested?

“Future Ruler of All He Surveys - Kiss Up To Me Now”

“I Survived the Dot Com Crunch and My Stock Options Bought Me This Crappy T-Shirt”

“The Internet Isn’t Dead. It’s Just Tired of Trying to Make You a Paper Millionaire.”

“Powered by Microwave Burritos, Ramen Noodles and Beer”

“My Life’s Mission is to Develop More Efficient Ways to Separate You from Your Money.”

“Your ‘Revolutionary Business Plan’ Caused Me to Laugh until Milk Came out of my Nose”

Ones I’ve made:

I think, therefore I am dangerous.

Sometimes I wish I was dead. No wait, not me – YOU.

Always drive on roads, not people. (with the logo for my cousin’s racing team; inside joke after she ran over my foot taking the car off the jack-ramps)

I’m making one right now (not a tee, a tank) that says,
“I’d rather be a cartoon.”

(This shirt was produced by workers with decent wages, benefits, and working conditions.)

My post, not Tasha’s.

I want a t-shirt with veerrrry tiny print over the right breast that says “Nosey little fucker, aren’t you?”

A dead one.

[Rob Becker]
Shirt dead. Go watch TV.
[/Rob Becker]

I’d like that dead shirt to be a T-shirt that says, “Madness takes its toll.”

I’ve already got my favorite T-shirt ever - thanks again, poogas! (Yup, that was the Lee Harvey Oswald Band shirt.)

The best t-shirt I currently own has a picture of Betty Page getting spanked by another half-naked girl wielding a hairbrush. For some reason, nobody wants to talk to me when I wear it.

I also had three shirts showing great pics of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Cab Calloway.

If I could make a t-shirt today, it would say, “American Indian Rights Are Not Negotiable.”

RTF, I took my Lee Harvey Oswald Band shirt to Italy this summer. Sadly 100 degree heat will produce major pitstains. Now I cannot find another! Where did you get yours at?

My favorite so far. :smiley:

My shirt would have one of those “devil” lesbians from the cover of an old Lords of Acid album (can’t remember the title). Underneath in fiery letters it would say “She’s a hot one!”