What kind of smiley emotion is the SDMB missing?

I’m pretty sure in this thread Arnold gave the thumbs up for a new smiley poll.

So my question is, what kind of emotions are missing here? Have there been times when you have wished there was some kind of smiley that could portray the emotions you were having at the time? If so please do tell. And of course those of you who don’t want smiley’s at all, there will be a “no new smiley” vote if that’s what you really, really, really want. :stuck_out_tongue:

A “sick-face” smiley would be lovely. Let a poster know they’ve grossed you out hardcore.

I want one that conveys:
‘I’m laughing in your face because if I took your opinion seriously, I’d cry’

Mangetout: OK, but you design it.

I think we really need a barfing smiley. Or a mooning smiley. Maybe an asshat smiley, to liven up the Pit a little bit.

I think the “dubious” smiley(s) from the last poll express what is probably the central emotion of the Staight Dope universe.

A yawn smilie. But that “embarrassment” one looks like a yawn.
Hey! When you hover over the embarrassment smilie, the word is not spelled correctly! It shows “embarrasment.” Or am I hallucinating-- again?

Eyes looking both ways. “Did I just say what I think I just said?”
Could also be used as “dubious”, I suppose.

That’d be perfect! I could use it for all those TMI threads where I discuss bathroom habits and such. Ah, the blissfulness of a faceless message board…

How about a sarcasm smilie, or a rhetorical question smilie?

isn’t this the sarcasm smiley ? --> :rolleyes:

i’ve mentioned this over in the ATMB thread, but i’ll repeat…

i think we need a ::bow to you:: smilie… i can see it being used in GQ, atleast, in place of “Thank You! Thank You! You guys Rock!”

How about bringing out Smashie? I thought the hammer throwing smilie was adorable.

that is an animated smiley which, according to Arnold in the ATMB thread linked in the OP, will never get to bang people on the head by virtue of it being animated.

Hmmm…a Smashie frozen in time and space, forever slamming down his hammer of …was it wrath? Justin? Smashie’s Hammer of Righteous Outrage?

Please not the puking smiley. It is really repulsive. Third grade humor. We might as well have a menstrating smiley or a pooping smiley.

What about some sort of flirting, sultry, come-hither, seductive smiley?

Mr. Yuk. Definitely. http://www.poison.org/mrYuk.htm

Foil hat, dammit! I had a fiver riding on it last time.

Generally any icons that clarify mood, or are useful shorthand for common stuff:

“I agree.”
“I disagree.”
“You’re wonderful!” (Or somebody’s wonderful…)
“You’re a moron!” (Or somebody’s a moron, etc…)
“You frighten me!”
“Your question’s been answered.”
“Read the thread!”
“Where did you get your facts? Cite request.”
“This comment made as the devil’s advocate.”
“Don’t make me go into this, again.”

Sick, sexy, and bowing all seem useful.

We could venture outside smilie graphics to ones relating to the SDMB. Graphics with a little SDMB personality?

Maybe it could be designed as pointing and laughing. :slight_smile:


I’d like a ‘smokey’ smiley, for when one has just been flamed. Or for illustrating those “dumbest injury you’ve ever had” threads.

Also: clapping, cheering, booing, bored, asleep, blowing a kiss.

If it turns out we don’t need to stick to pre-existing smilies, I’d be willing to contribute drafts for some of the emotions/reactions. Recognizing that if used they instantly become the property of a certain newspaper.

Anybody else? Shall we turn this into an art contest, too?