What kinda damn fool goes perfume shopping when they have no sense of smell?

This damn fool, that’s who!

I have a vicious little head cold that reared it’s ugly head yesterday, and on my way home from work I decided to stop into Sephora (:: must go in::slight_smile: and bought a brand new perfume I’d never even heard of before. I have no idea what it smells like other than the decription I read. I could’ve bought a fancy bottle of poo-water for all my olfactory senses know!

I can’t wait until my sense of smell returns so I can find out what my new perfume smells like!




Heh, Lola, you sound just like me. I have the same stupid head cold (or one just like it anyway) and for some goofy-ass reason I decided today would be a good day to mix up some more scented lotion for myself. So I’m opening all these frangrance oil bottles and mixing them together and I’m thinking, “I remember these being stronger fragrances.” I ended up putting about twice as much oil into the mix as I would normally. It STILL didn’t hit me, what I’d done, until I came out of the bathroom after my shower and the WryGuy said, “Jesus, you smell like you bathed in vanilla.”


Hope you feel better and smell good soon :slight_smile: