What Language is This?

What is the language that the choir of kids sings before the lead vocalist starts singing in English? Or is it, as in the case of a lot of New Age music, not a language at all, and rather just random sounds?

Any chance of a transcript? YouTube remains blocked in Thailand.

Does this work for you?

I thought it was Italian, but Wikipedia says Latin.

Whatever for?

I thought Thailand was (relatively) free.

Some videos on YouTube were critical of the King, and the Thais take lese-majesty pretty seriously.

Well, one could argue that Italian is [Modern] Latin. :wink:

It’s latin. Link.

It’s the Vulgate translation of Luke 21:25

The King James version translation is

Because of videos that insult to the king. Lese majeste carries I believe it’s 15 years in prison now for each count.

Possibly not, as the government has blocked many of the proxy sites, too. But thanks, I’ll take a look at this tonight and see if it works.

Hmmm. The site itself comes up, but not sure how to get that particular video up. I tried copying the URL, and the site keeps saying it’s temporarily overloaded.

Hmm. Maybe try using You Tube’s search engine from within the proxy instead of the URL? Typing the title, Elbosco, brings it right up as the first search item. Click on it and hopefully it will launch properly.

Thanks. That works. The first one up is something called Elbosco Nirvana. I can’t tell the language, though. :frowning: