What large object am I seeing?

On the side of I-95 near Baltimore for a couple weeks have been these large “tubes” and “wing tubes”. They’re parked on tractor trailers marked “oversized load”.

Wing tube: a thing that looks like it’s about as long as an airplane wing with the same shape. You might even guess it was a wing except it doesn’t end “flat”. It ends in a cylinder about 10 (?) feet in diameter, which has a set of pins extended from it.

Tube: a giant tube that is as wide as the tube-end of the “wing tube”. It has a matching set of holes for the wing tube’s pins.

They look like they might be made out of concrete, but they’re wrapped in white shrink-wrap (like you see boats in).

I would almost have guessed that they were parts of a giant windmill, but again, the wings terminate in a tube that would fit onto these other cylinders.

Could be some sort of sewer pipe thing, but I dont’ get why the one set of tubes are shaped like wings.

There are 3 tubes, 2 wing-tubes.

giant windmills for windmill farms…to generate electricity

I am in the Baltimore area and have also seen them on 95. I assumed that they were windmill blades.

here’s a picture of one of the “wings” on a truck

This shows the tubes used for the base being moved to the construction site.

That’s it.

I was thrown because I couldn’t figure out why the wings would end in a tube. Further throw by the fact that they looked like they fit directly onto the tubes. If you look at the picture on that page (above the words “another monster. . .”) you can see the holes I was talking about.

Trust me that the blades have a matching set of pins (seemingly).