What liquors go best in egg nog?

I bought a half-gallon of egg nog, thinking I would share it with my roommates and friends for New Year’s Eve, but it looks like nobody is into the stuff. I like a glass or two of egg nog around this time of year, but I’ve never had it “spiked.” When people drink the alcoholic stuff, what do they add to it? I was guessing rum, vodka, or whiskey/bourbon, and I think we have all three on hand.

I prefer cognac, preferably a better grade. It’ll run you about $35-50 for a jug. Top with nutmeg.

I like Southern Comfort in my eggnog. Ginger Brandy is good in 'nog too, if you can find it.


Rum. It must be rum. Rum and Eggnogg is crazy delicious.

Bacardi white is the rum of choice 'round here. But any rum will do in a pinch.

I do brandy, mid-grade. My mother does Crown Royal. I like either version.

Rum is the typical liquor to add in egg nog. I make my non-alcoholic egg nog with rum extract.

I’m with Rum, the cheaper the better. You’re after flavoring and alcohol, not fine spirits. I will point out that almost any type of spirits will improve egg nog, although I’d probably draw the line at Tequila.

I’ve tried it using rum and Southern Comfort, as others have suggested. Separately, not at the same time! Either one is good, but I liked the rum better. I love eggnog, spiked or not. I could knock out a half gallon on my own in a couple of days, then hibernate for the winter.

Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum is traditional I believe.

I have a friend who mixes in Vanilla Vodka and Frangelica. But she won’t give me the recipe and my attempts at recreating have not yielded good results.

Fry: Every year my dad would make his special egg nog out of bourbon and ice cubes.

I use all different liquors, depending on whim. I tend to prefer cognac myself; rum has been popular at parties. Get some little bottles and try em all.

Use the cheap stuff if you’re only after alcohol. Flavor comes from good stuff. (I’ve never understood people who use cheap wine in cooking. The flavor is all that remains!)

Where I grew up, the bottle of choice for mixing Xmas hooch was labeled “Rum & Brandy.” I’ve found it a few times since 1990, but it’s become so much trouble that I don’t even try any longer. It’s Bacardi and Christian Brothers, when the budget allows for Xmas hooch at all, because those are easy to find. More difficult is the little half-pint tubs of Tom and Jerry batter.

Try peppermint schnapps.

Ardred uses bourbon, usually Wellers. I think it’s vile, but he likes the stuff.

I’m surprised no one has suggested Bailey’s Irish Cream yet. Yum.

Traditional? Morgan’s has only been around a decade or so. Hardly time to develop a “tradition.”

Rum? Yes. Bourbon? Yes. Brandy? Yes. The rest is details.

I tried this before and didn’t like it very much. The flavor combination seemed strange.