What magazine did the "other Go-Go" pose for?

Alright you perverts. We all know Belinda Carlyle posed for Playboy. I’ve seen the pictures, she is still hot. I have heard that Jane Wiedlan (spelling likely incorrect, but the really cute brunette with the little girl voice)did some S&M posing for another magazine, which puts Belinda to shame. I read it in the Houston Press (New Times weekly rag).

Tell me the magazine!!

Sorry, I mean “forward times” weekly rag.

Sorry, I don’t know what magazine it was, but I did find some good pictures of her:


from the peta site:


What’s so fun about a ‘cruelty-free dominatrix’?


from the Jane’s Diary section of the website - entry dated March 3, 2001:

This is so fucking wierd. Just tonight me and my roomate were on gnutella looking at jpg’s and I downloaded one of belinda carlyle that was supposidly from playboy. We both wondered if it was an actual photo or a fake.

Now the same night this thread. WIERD! …not like this subject comes up much.
Alright… also downloaded some of Nicole Kidman suposedly from playboy… anybody know if THOSE are real???

Didn’t Jane Wiedln once pose topless or at least with her shirt open showing her heart surgery scar? Isn’t she the one who had open-heart surgery? I recall seeing such a photo and believe it was her.

Sir Rhosis

Hmm… she looks more like Morticia Addams in that outfit.

I think it was the keyboard player that had open-heart surgery.

No, it was drummer Gina Shock.

I have the Belinda Carlisle issue of Playboy, BTW, and she looks terrific.

Since it’s PETA’s site, it means she only whips people, not animals.