What mainstream actors/actresses have probably spent the most time on camera naked?

I’ve been watching True Blood on DVD recently and while pretty much all of the male characters get naked during the course of the show Ryan Kwanten (work safe pic) seems to spend more time naked than clothed. I don’t think there’s a single episode of the series in which you don’t see his muscular bubble butt at some point. (I don’t think he does any frontal- if he does it’s brief.)

It just had me wondering- what actor or actress who doesn’t work in porn films probably has- if you added up the minutes- more naked [del]footage[/del] screentime than almost any other? Some candidates:


Ewan McGregor- seemed to be unable to keep his clothes on in most of his early movies and didn’t make any distinction twixt frontal and “backal”.

Harvey Keitel- back when Dennis Miller could be funny he once said “I’ve seen this guy’s d!ck more often than I’ve seen my own in the past few years”, which twixt The Piano and a couple of his other movies was about true. For a guy most people wouldn’t label attractive he took 'em off a lot.

Rob Lowe- not counting his sex tape, he was probably still one of the busiest bare butts of the '80s. Had he starred in a remake of Grapes of Wrath it probably would have opened with a locker room towel fight.

Bo Derek- 10, Tarzan (one of the worst big budget movies ever, incidentally), Bolero and other movies, plus her Playboy spread, she had her nipples exposed more than most career wet nurses and most of the rest of her too.

Madonna- Rolled around naked and smiling like a 2 year old in most of her early movies and photo shoots.

Other candidates?

Bo Derek and Madonna don’t even come close. French actress Emmanuelle Béart has probably has at least ten times the naked-on-screen time than those two. Of course, much of it was in La belle noiseuse where she plays an artist’s model and ends up spending a good chunk of the film’s four hour running time nude. (One critic observed that by the end of the movie, he was more familiar with Emmanuelle Béart’s body than his own wife’s.)

Not close to Béart but still far more time than either Bo Derek or Madonna: Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet.

(Uh … yes, I do seem to know too much about this sort of thing. Is there something wrong with that?)

Susan Sarandon.

Kate Winslet. Lot of naked time in The Reader and a full frontal in Hideous Kinky that I can think of off the top of my head.

I was going to mention Helen Mirren. I think she demands to be paid extra if the role doesn’t require nudity.

Certainly among active Hollywood name actors, it’s got to be Kate Winslet, especially if you do it as a nude-to-movies ratio. That’s practically her calling card. “We need a top actress who’ll show off the goods. Call Winslet’s agent.”



Isabelle Huppert, a mainstream French actress, has been naked in nearly 30 movies. Helen Mirren has been naked in 13 movies, Kate Winslet has been naked in 10 movies, Jennifer Jason Leigh has been naked in over 20 movies. Emmanuelle Beart has been naked in around 20 movies. All of this according to Mr. Skin. Some of these are simply longevity. Although Mirren is older than Huppert.

The stunning Julieanne Moore seems to strip down at the drop of a hat in most of her movies…

(That is NOT a complaint)

I would have to imagine it’s a French actress, whoever it is. Amelie is probably the only French film I’ve seen in which the main actress didn’t strip (or did she?)

Surely Asia Argento would be a good nomination?

Gotta wonder how Sylvia Kristel ranks. And Dyanne Thorne, though she’s far less “mainstream.”

Indeed :slight_smile: She was the actress who topped the heap by miles when Empire film magazine ran some kind of metric over this very question about 10 years ago.
Greta Scachhi was also in the top three if I recall.

But were they just talking about the number of movies or the total amount of time? I think the OP is looking for the latter.

I hate to break this to you, but Lassie was a female impersonator. But at least no one could call Lassie a bitch.

Either way, still naked.

Audrey Tautou does have a sex scene near the beginning of the film IIRC, but about all you see of her is her face and shoulder.

On a different tangent, Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild (“survival skills” TV show on Discovery) seems to frequently take opportunities to strip down to nothing, even in the worst cold environments. :o And I can’t think of a one that was accidental.

Surely Penelope Cruz deserves at least an honorable mention…

Yes and no. Both male and female collies were used. Males looked better, but females were easier to train.