What Mainstream Food Item have You Never Tasted?

I don’t remember this ever being a topic.

So, I was browsing the online collection of menus at the New York Library, and I saw a dish that is fairly common that I’ve never (to my memory) eaten.

And that dish is Filet of Sole.

It makes sense that a dish I’ve never had is something seafood. Fish is not my favorite protein, although I’ve had most of what’s generally available. Enjoyed most of it too.
It’s just that if offered a choice, I’ll more likely go with something other than fish.

And as far as I know, sole has never passed my palate.

I’m guessing I will be on the lookout for it now, at least once before I die.

What have you never eaten that’s not really hard to find?

I’ve never a eaten an American staple, peanut butter. It’s not very common here, though I think you can get it in most supermarkets, but I find it abhorring just from looking at it and never had the urge to taste it. I would taste a bit if I ever encountered peanut butter at somebody’s table I’m eating at, but that never has happened so far.

My list is practically endless -

Olives - black and green
Hard boiled egg
Raw onion
Clam chowder
Actually any seafood (I did have shrimp once)
Reuben sandwich
Cobb salad
Sushi of any kind
Baked beans
Pork n beans

I could go on forever… Oh and I’ve never had filet of sole either!

Truffles (the fungus, not the candy)
Mutton (though I have had lamb)

TRC4941, why?

I’ve never had a Big Mac, despite having worked years at a McDonald’s. That special sauce does not look appetizing*, and what the heck’s up with that extra piece of bread?

  • A co-worker used to gross people out by filling his mouth with Big Mac sauce and pretending to throw up in the garbage can.

I love fish, but, yeah, I’m not sure I could say with 100% confidence I’ve had filet of sole. I’m not even sure where I could find sole. I don’t think it’s one of the usual fish at the fish counters I go to. Salmon, haddock, cod, pollack, sea bass, walleye, catfish, tilapia, basa, trout, whiting, orange roughy, monkfish, swordfish, shark, etc. I’m pretty sure I can find at my local grocery, but I’m not sure I’ve seen sole lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve just glanced over it and its generic sounding name.

They are used to clean out pounds that other fish inhabited.

I don’t enjoy any fish, having cleaned out many aquariums.

I cannot think of a single mainstream food item I haven’t eaten.

About the only thing I won’t eat are organ meats. Otherwise I’ll try just about anything at least once. Now, I know I don’t like olives and lobster.

Why what?


Crawdads. Crayfish. Mudbugs. Whichever you call them, I cannot bring myself to actually eat one. I have been around a lot of them, here in the south. They just gross me out.

Mrs. Plant (v.3.0) caught them in Rock Creek many years ago. Little lobsters. :slight_smile:

We’ve done similar topics more recently, but I don’t believe this exact one has been done since 2005.

Lots of types of seafood. Just not my thing.

Organ meats, same.

Strawberry rhubarb pie
Black Forest cake
Rye whisky
Ramen noodles



A couple months ago I could have said this. Then, I began making sushi rolls and it turns out Spam Musubi is pretty fantastic. (Pan fry, then cool the slices of spam in a marinade of oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and sugar)

Seconding mayonnaise.
Any type of alcoholic beverage.
Any mammal that isn’t pig or cow.
Any bird that isn’t chicken or turkey.

Oysters. Um… No. Just no.
I’ve tried most seafood/fish/lobster/crab what have you. All tastes the same to me, just disgusting. Makes me sad.
Never had vegemite. I’d be happy to try it though.

Never had a Big Mac. The “cheese” is a dealbreaker.

I love liver (and used to like tongue), but no other organ meat.

Coffee ice cream