What makes you feel young?

My sister in law is 4 years older than me and looks about 15 years older than her age (she’s 28). Her curmudgeonly ways do not help, either. :wink:


I feel very young and vital when I travel. And, oddly enough, I almost always get mistaken for someone in her early- to mid-twenties when I’m abroad. I don’t know why. Maybe my inner immaturity comes shining forth when I’m staying in a youth hostel.

Really, when I’m doing anything I love for itself, I feel happy, healthy, and energetic–i.e., young. When I’m hiking and looking at interesting plants, when I’m reading something that really carries me away, when I’m working on a project that’s engrossing and exciting, I feel young.

My present grad program makes me feel old. But when I do research on things I want to do after I graduate, I feel like I have my whole life–and a promising future–ahead of me.

Oh, right. Dancing, singing, and riding my bicycle for the hell of it make me feel young, too.

Posting while drunk makes me feel young and stupid. I opened this thread and realized a few minutes later that it was started by me.

How’s your belly?

A good 'gasm makes me feel young. Until it subsides and I have to take a nap.

A pretty girl in her twenties flirting with me gives me a major rush these days. Yes, it still occasionely happens.
When I was in my thirties it was so common that I hardly thought about it, thinking that I had all the time in the world to do something about it, and so missed lots of pre-AIDS opportunities. Youth IS wasted on the young.

Uh, someone bumped into me, making me misspell occasionally.

(Shirttail tucking)

I opened a whole thread on shirt tail tucking here. To my surprise, several posted who were about my age (47), and had never tucked unless it was demanded of them, so it’s not strictly generational.

From what I’ve read teenagers in the 1950s almost never tucked, but in my high school in the early 1970s almost everyone did tuck. I live next door today, and now, of course, guys almost never do.

Being sixteen. Turned a week and a half ago.

Winning at tennis, especially a long match.

Unfortunately, doing my job.

I interview people every day about intimate details of their lives, and most of the subjects are at least twice my age. I can’t imagine them wanting to talk to me about a drug arrest that happened 25 years ago, before I was even born.

On the up side, I feel young in a good way knowing that I can wear some interesting suits that the interviewees could never get away with. I do have bureaucrat blue for work on the Hill, but often I get to look stylin’ :stuck_out_tongue: