What makes you feel young?

Inspired by this thread, I decided to start a thread a bit more conducive to good self-esteem. :slight_smile:

What have you done or what has been said to you lately that makes you feel young?

Whenever I get asked for I.D, that makes me feel really young. I’m 20! Just give me the booze damn it! :slight_smile:

Dancing and music always make me feel young. However, listening to the music of my generation tends to make me look old.

Driving in the Wrangler with the doors off yesterday, a hunky young guy way up on a power pole did a double take!

I’ve been called Ma’am for the last couple of years by teens and early-20 somethings. I hate it. The other day, someone who was probably 18 called me ‘Miss’. Woohoo!

Also, a bright, gorgeous, sunny day will make me feel young every time.

Whenever I buy action figures.

A couple of weeks ago at the gym, a cute, 25-ish girl came up to me, pointed to the bar I was lifting and remarked, “That’s a lot of weight, man!” Even better was her saucy Hispanic accent. I was too flustered to say anything but, “Uh, thanks”. (I’m 45).

Riding my bike really fast.

I only started getting into racing within the year. Leaning your bike over at 40 mph around a turn that you’ve never been on before and knowing that a little patch of rubber is the only thing keeping you up, can really make you feel young and dumb again.

Reading stories like that of the Ziegfield Girl who came back to dance on stage at 101, or that guy who celebrated his 100th by skydiving, or the original producer of “Damn Yankees” being involved in the staging of the Broadway revival at 100-some-odd a few years back.

Anytime, I do something really fun that makes me grin uncontrollably and laugh like an idiot.

Can’t think of a recent example (although I know there have been some). What sticks in my mind is when I was in NYC a year or so ago and we were somewhere where there’s a big cube sculpture that rotates (I’m sure the New Yorkers know what I’m talking about). It’s very heavy but my brother and I managed to get it moving and I ran around in a circle pushing it. It was kinda silly but it was so neat it made me laugh like a loon…

The blood of virgins.

Having a good workout at the gym, in general, is good for making you feel young.
Paradoxically, tucking in my shirt makes me feel young, even though it seems almost no-one young does it today unless they’re being forced to. But at any rate it shows you have no belly to hide, or at least it does in my case.

I’m 33, but I still get carded every single time I buy alcohol. It always makes me smile. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve been mistaken for an undergrad (while on campus) once or twice. That made me smile, too!

Aside: I’ve noticed this – I wonder why it is?

It is just not cool.

Amanda Bynes is a month older than me and I’m only a month older than the Olsen twins. (No one was counting down until the day I would be legal!)

Life in general makes me feel young, because I am. (I just turned 19.)

When my ‘mommy’ drives me to school in the morning :o

Playing on the floor with my grandson.

Last winter I was at the Dollar Tree store chatting with the checker as she scanned my purchases. She asked me if it was getting pretty cold outside, and I said that I didn’t find the weather to be that cold.

Her response: “Hon, you’re comfortable now, but when you get to be forty, like me, you’ll feel cold all the time.”

Heehee! Loved it. I was forty, like her, seventeen years ago.

Seeing people at least 20 years older than me, and looking it.