What Marvel superheroes have yet to join the Avengers?

I’ve read in this forum that the new “Mighty Avengers” writer plans to kill off a whole slew of longtime members. (Like they’ll really stay dead - what comic book character, aside from Bucky, ever does?) It got me to thinking that Marvel Comics must be close to running out of characters to induct into this team. I’m thinking of longtime characters, with histories to prove they truly are among “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” - and not second-stringers like Jack of Hearts, or lame “new” characters like Triathlon.

As far as I can tell, Dr. Strange is the last hold-out, the last truly classic Marvel Comics superhero to never have been an Avenger. Daredevil got offerred membership and refused (which is probably a good thing - like Moon Knight, he just wouldn’t fit in.) Of course, there are dozens of X-Men who could cross-over, but given how the recent X-writers have mangled the characters, I don’t think they might classify as “Earth’s Mightiest” anymore.

But then surely, the Teeming Millions might think up some more deserving characters.

If you mean “popular characters who can sustain their own series and aren’t excluded for really obvious reasons like the Punisher,” there are a couple who could still join:
–Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze version)
–Johnny Storm (The only FF member never to join)
–Wolverine (Cap hates his guts, but he might join soon anyway)
–Spider-Man (No, I mean really join)
–Nick Fury
–Shang Chi
–Iron Fist

I may be alone in this, but I’d like to see Two-Gun Kid rejoin. I love the whole “fish out of water” aspect to him and thought they got rid of him a little too easily.

I’ve got to disagree about Ghost Rider. I think he’d be in that “Punisher” category, being essentially the incarnation of an evil demon, and therefore not conducive toward cooperating with a team of do-gooders. Recall the short-lived 1970s team “the Champions.” He stuck out like a severed, blood-spattered, gangrenous thumb.

And as for Nick Fury, Shang Chi, and the Two-Gun Kid - well no offense to the characters, but I just don’t see them surviving, much less triumphing, in a fight against Ultron.

Wolverine could hold his own, but would he ever leave the X-Men (especially considering he’s their lynchpin character)?

Triathalon survived Ultron and is still alive, isn’t he? Is he? Shame that. Nick Fury though has no need to join the Avengers. They basically have to follow his orders anyway. Secret War seems to be implying that SHIELD in Marvel 616 is becoming more like the one in the Ultimate universe, where that is definitely the case.

How about Luke Cage? Was he ever an Avenger?

This website purports to have the full chronological list:


Is Moon Knight even considered a real hero? He’s just a dumber Batman. I hated his appearances in Amazing Spider-Man.

Moon Knight was briefly associated with the West Coast Avengers, but I don’t know if he was ever an official, card-carrying Avenger.

The list supplied by pravnik mentions someone named “Moira Brandon.” Anyone know who that is?

Luke Cage was never an Avenger to my knowledge. Though, if the writers did want to add some racial diversity, I’d have preferred him to the second-rate 3-D Man (Triathlon) they did induct.

When they inducted Rage, I thought he might be Luke Cage in disguise; they had pretty much the same abilities. He was kind of an interesting character. I think they’re still mad at him for losing a quinjet, though.

I think Moonie declined, as he still had his multiple personality problem. He was with the WCA during their lost in time saga. I still have #1-30ish of that comic series.

Silver Surfer? Captain Marvel? The Richards Children? Rachel Summers? Street Poet Ray and Night Nurse?

Well, the last two could be handy for comic relief/human shields.

Millie the Model?
Forbush Man?
Howard the Duck?
Captain Ultra?

Night Nurse turned up in a recent issue of Daredevil. She runs an underground clinic where superheroes can recuperate without a lot of nosy cops and reporters poking around. A surprisingly formidable character.

Aunt May.

I can think of a few of groups that have had affiliations with the Avengers (at least within three degrees of separation) but whose members have never joined them.

Power Pack.
Squadron Supreme.
The Warriors Three.
New Warriors.
The Sh’Iar Guard.

Justice and Firestar were official Avengers for a couple of years when the group returned from Heroes Reborn.

Uh, yeah. I knew that. Honest. That was a… test. Yes! Of your comic-book savvy! YOU’VE WON THE PRIZE!!

Stay right there. Don’t move. I’ll go get it.

While we’re at it… If the Avengers are supposed to be “Earth’s Mightiest Superheroes”, then why in bloody blazes is there a branch of “West Coast Avengers”? If they’re Earth’s mightiest, shouldn’t that naturally encompass the West Coast (most of which is, after all, part of Earth)? Or are the W. C. Avengers just from Los Angeles, thereby exempting them from an Earthly group?

Well, because originally they weren’t actually supposed to be two seperate teams.

the West Coast team was created when the creative folks on the book at the time realized they were (once again) overloading the team with too many characters to keep track of. Not wanting to just dump half the team (and thereby incur hate mail from the fans of those characters), the idea was to split the team up into two different squads (like the X-Men’s blue & gold teams). The editors initially intended to rotate the teams within the same title - feature the original team for a few issues, then the west coast team for the next few months, and a big huge team-up once a year. But in order to give the west coast team a splashy intro, the editors produced a mini-series showing Hawkeye getting the team together. The sales figures went through the roof, thereby prompting Marvel to launch a spinoff title. And that (again, like the X-Men books) is when things got really muddy. Different creative teams worked on different books, and eventually developed entirely seperate storylines, with very little to no overlap.

To be fair, the good folks at Marvel did actually realize the very same conundrum you mentioned and did address it. That’s when they decided to rename the West Coast Avengers as “Force Works.” But that title, IIRC, was about as popular as New Coke. It didn’t last a year.

What about Slapstick? He’s definitely part of the Marvel Universe, has already hooked up with many of the Marvel luminaries (most notably Ghost Rider :smiley: ), and has proven himself against alien invasions, gun-totaing maniacs, and nuclear-powered homeless people. If nothing else, he’d sure make those Avengers meetings more entertaining.

He even had his own title, dammit! Where’s the love?!

Hey! I love Slapstick! I love most of the light hearted heroes. That’s why Spider-Man is my favorite. I even have every issue of Speedball’s original series, sucky though they were. (Steve Ditko…eeeruuuugh).

Hey, yeah! What about Speedball for the Avengers?