What material dries REALLY QUICKLY?

Basically, I am looking for a cheap pair of shorts or pants, that I can buy pretty much anywhere, that dries really, really quickly. I walk to and from work every day, and with all this rain I’m usually soaked by the time I get to work, not quite dry by the time I leave, and even more soaked by the time I get home.


I had a pair of Nylon hiking shorts that were like that. The problem was that I did not have underwear that dried that fast, so the legs would dry within minutes, but the body would stay wet for hours.

Of course, you could always go commando…

Nylon shorts, go commando, dry pants, underwear & towel in backpack.

Or get a poncho that goes down to your knees.


My work shirts and trousers are microfibre. When I do the washing I just hang them on a hanger from the shower rail. They are all dry except for the cotton pants band in half an hour or so if the bathroom is a little sunny.

Very thin, lightweight poly-cotton blends tend to dry pretty fast. I can get totally drenched in my scrubs and be completely dry except for my socks and undies within half an hour. (Then I nip into the derm lab and blow-dry my feet and butt.)

Personally, though, I’d blow $3 or so on a poncho and keep some dry socks at work.

I don’t know what material Under Armour uses for their heat gear but it works well.