What means this "Attachment Dividers"?

Someone has given me the opportunity to write up a grant proposal for their non-profit. If I do well, they’ll send me more proposals to write. And I’ll make some money.

In her emails to me, though, she keeps using this phrase “attachment dividers” and I am not sure what it is supposed to mean. Googling the phrase turns up only one possibly relevant link, and it is not helpful.

Here are the two examples of this phrase from her email:

“I’m attaching a set of attachment dividers for a standard proposal and the two latest (company name) proposals.”

“4) Prepare a cover sheet, table of contents (no page numbers needed), attachment dividers.”

From the first example, I thought maybe she just meant “attachment.” But that doesn’t seem to fit the second example.

The attachments to the email are just a bunch of examples of previous proposals as well as some documents giving details about the history of the non-profit and financial information about it and the company the proposal is addressed to. Nothing that I can see that I could understand calling an “attachment divider”.

So what obvious thing am I probably missing here? WTH is an attachment divider?

Well, I certainly have no idea what she was talking about, but I would suggest asking her what she meant. Perhaps it’s a phrase that company uses, and she doesn’t realize that you haven’t worked with them before.

Yeah well, I’ll ask her as a near-last resort. I don’t want to give the impression that I need to be walked through the process. On the other hand, I do need to be sure I’m actually providing what’s been asked for, so I’ll need to ask her sometime well before the deadline… :wink:

Figured it out. She basically means a page before each section of the final document telling what’s in that section. Pages that divide the attachments from each other. Attachment dividers.