What movie do you actively loath?

I have seen quite a few films that I haven’t liked. However, there are a select few that have aroused an active hatred. The type of movie that you would leave somebody’s house if they decided to throw it in. Even if you didn’t have a ride out of there. And the nearest settlement was fifty miles away.

For me this movie is Parents. It’s a movie starring Randy Quaid that takes place in the fifties. Ostensibly, it’s a satirization of the social mores of the fifties. In actuality it’s just a film made by a very disturbed individual that should never, ever have been released. It’s about a child who comes to find out that the mystery meat his parents have been serving him is human flesh! Sounds like a lark, doesn’t it? Now, I have a fondness for movies about cannibalism (don’t ask, I don’t know), but this movie is about as pleasant as walking in on your parents in the act. Oh, by the way, that scene is in the movie as well.

Gah! I hate this movie!

So what movie can’t you stand?

Oh my god! I love that movie! I mean, I haven’t seen it since it came out over a decade ago and, older and wiser i might revise my opinion but…it wasn’t (just) a satire of 50’s mores. It was more a horror story about being a child at the mercy of adults. And the horrible sick terrifying things they do, like eat human flesh and have sex. And it was funny. That it was made by a very disturbed person goes without saying.

Gee, I was hoping this was about what you loathe in general, but if it’s just movies-

Off the top of my head Apt Pupil. I love a good Nazi movie like I love a good cannibal movie but exploiting the Holocaust for this cheesy piece of crap…horrible.

Starship Troopers makes me twitch. As does The Cell- impressive, as I’ve only seen about 1/3 of it.

Bad acting. Bad everything. Oh, my eyes…

Heat. The DeNiro-Pacino-Kilmer flick.

I’ve said why before. This movie caused me real pain, and I live to spit on its grave.

I have a couple that keep cropping up.

Basicly everything Neil Simon ever wrote or directed.

Every one is sooo boooring! All endless strings of “what can go wrong next?” A dumb joke that wouldn’t carry a Saturday Night Live skit for 15 minutes.

The Out-of-Towners is the worst, but close behind are
London Suite
California Suite
Plaza Suite


I hated that movie. You can read my rant here: http://pw1.netcom.com/~heliboy/reviews.htm

Half Baked. What a lame, lifeless stoner movie. And all my damned stoner friends insist on quoting it at every opportunity. It’s unfunny and unoriginal. Whatever happened to Cheech and Chong?


I get pissed off just thinking about it. And it’s not so much the movie as much as everyone raving about how great it was! It SUCKED!!! The writing was horrible and the plot was the same rich girl meets poor boy from wrong side of the tracks bullshit we’ve seen time and time before. Plus, I have nothing against romance. I love my GF and all, and I would risk my life to save hers, but not after only three days!!

I still fume that that steaming pile of teenage-girlie swoon inducing tripe won Best Picture over LA Confidential.

Let me clarify -
I love my GF and all, and I would risk my life to save hers, but not after knowing her for only three days!!

If I only know someone for three days, you’re just an acquaintance. I hope you can swim and try not to think about that water being too cold.

I refuse to sit through people watching “The Thomas Crowne Affair,” I will spit and curse and leave the room stomping.

Fucking awful movie.


Crunchy Frog, as a Titanic aficianado long before the movie came out, I agree with you 100%!

I’ve been interested in the story of the ship since I was a little girl and my great-Aunt, who worked for Cunard when it was still Cunard-White Star, took me to see Pier 54 where the Carpathia docked in NYC, and Pier 59 where the Titanic SHOULD have docked. My interest was recently heightened by the beautiful and respectful Titanic: A New Musical, which won the Best Musical Tony of 1997 and, while occasionally inaccurate, did not twist the truth and plonk so many 90’s attitudes into the story. I’ll never understand how Cameron could get the look of the movie so right and the mores, accents, and social organization so wrong. I’ve only sat through the movie once. Ironically, it did extend the life of the musical a bit, and the ticket guys said people would come up to the Lunt-Fontanne and ask if Leo was still in it.

Trouble is, as soon as you mention your interest in the ship now everyone thinks you’re a teenybopper who jumped on the bandwagon when you fell in love with Jack (squeal!). Sheesh. It’ll take a while for that to wear off.

Somewhere in heaven is a fortysomething crewman, a trimmer, named James Dawson, looking down at his own grave in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and shaking his head. I was there in August (There were 121 victims buried there, it’s fascinating) and people are still leaving flowers and stuff at the small marker of “J. Dawson”. At the height of Titanic mania I understand girls were leaving underpants on it!

That, ladies and gentleman, is the mark of not only a bad, but downright evil movie. :eek:


Any movie, ANY movie, with Streisand or Jane Fonda. (Jane because of political reasons, Streisand because she is a homely, bad actress, and full of herself.)

The Green Berets. In terms of sheer audience manipulation, “Triumph of the Will” is a pasty-faced slacker. And an east sunset?

Red Dawn. Kids and guns, what fun. This movie was one big NRA bumper-sticker. My girlfriend’s kids loved it, though. They wanted WWIII to come so they could kick some ass. Then I yelled at them to come in for dinner and one of them cried. So much for WWIII.

I’d also like to add Howard the Duck, but it was so jaw-dropping awful in a fascinating way. I wonder if Tim Robbins realized during filming what a monstrous dog he was in. Does he ever wake up in cold sweat these days because of it?

Steel Dawn. A weird Mad Max ripoff peopled by Patrick Swayze and other escapees from some eighties BigHair pseudo-punk-metal band.

Steven Spielberg’s Goonies. Spielberg took every annoying cliche about kids and crammed them into this wretched pile of crap, and then added a few more. It felt like an advertisement for an upcoming ride at Universal Studios. Appearing in this movie, not doing drugs, is ultimately what killed former Oakland Raider John Matuzak.

Event Horizon

Me too!! I can’t stand either of them.

Dumb and Dumber. Or any other movie that has Jim Carrey running around acting like a freak and making bad sex and/or bathroom jokes. Oh my, how I hate that!

The Man in the Iron Mask. I’d rather be served hors d’oeuvre by a monkey butler dressed in a clown suit than sit through it again. Ditto for Thomas Crown Affair (BO-ring), Titanic (Notice it won zero awards for acting), and Dumb and Dumber.

Okay, you can also add any movie that stars male Friends cast members. (I’d say ANY movie starring the cast of Friends, but Opposite of Sex, Scream, and Office Space were pretty funny).

I never actually ** saw ** any of the “Ernest” movies (knowwuddimean?), but the trailers made my teeth hurt.

Fortunately, my ex ** loved ** them and took our son to them so I didn’t have to. that is, until our son was too mature for them (IOW when he turned 8)

I HATE Grease. It is sexist, stupid, and the stars are too old to be in high school. I know millions loved it, but I don’t know why. Yech. The only redeeming feature is Stockard Channing, IMHO.

in me, than Scary Movie and The Avengers did. Talk about grossly misrepresentation on the part of the studios. The avengers was just dumb, but Scary Movie took a steaming crap right on your face like no other movie has ever had the audacity to do. You expect a “Naked Gun”-type spoof, and what do you get? Mindless perverion from the first minute.

Indecent Proposal.

If it was still playing, I’d consider picketing the theater.