What movie is this from...?

So my friends name is hillary… and for some reason or another… i just blurted out,

“Hillary is a girl’s name!”

“No hillary is not a girl’s name… Hillary is a boy’s name!”

Now… I KNOW its from some movie… for some reason i have an image of john cleese saying it… or someone with an english accent… and this person is talking to a kid who tells him that hillary is a girls name, and he argues back… but i cant for the life of me think of what movie it is… and my degree from Google Tech, and Wiki U, are not helping… anyone have any idea?


I don’t know the answer to your question, but I was reminded that Alan “Dickie” Bird’s (Bill Paterson) male boss in the movie Comfort and Joy (by Bill Forsythe) is named Hilary.

Sorry for the randomness, but I love anything that reminds me of that wonderful movie.

Edit to add, it’s a Scottish movie, so Hilary as a man’s name would seem to be common in the UK. I don’t think it would fly in the US.

Doh… just figured it out… its not hillary is a girls name… its Edith is a girls name… No its not… Edith is a boys name… and its from Ghost dad… dunno how i got it mixed up!

Funnily enough, that’s the film I thought of when I read your OP. He pronounced it ‘edd-ith,’ the edd rhyming with red. Reminded me of Evelyn Waugh.

Hillary as a man’s name is not unknown in the UK, but it’s far more common as a woman’s name.

For some reason I was reminded of a line from the 1967 spoof version of Casino Royale, during the introduction of the character Evelyn Tremble:

“Isn’t that a girl’s name?”
“No. It’s my name.”

“Claire. It’s a family name.”
“Oh, it’s a fat girl’s name.”