What movie is this?

What film am I thinking of? A middle-aged (possibly overweight) guy from somewhere overseas comes to the U.S. and ends up on a farm somewhere in the midwest and falls in love with the proprietress?

The guy doesn’t speak English, and, I thought, played the accordion!!! I thought the film was Schultze Gets The Blues, but I watched it last night, and that’s not it…

Thanks in advance to all Dopers…

I remember a movie about a butler who moves to the States (out west) and opens a restaurant with a local woman; I’ll see if I can find that one.

“Ruggles of Red Gap” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruggles_of_Red_Gap

It’s a relatively recent film (within the last 20 years?), I should have mentioned that.

It was Werner Herzog:

Accordion was the key word.

Thanks, but I still don’t think that’s the one. In the film I’m thinking of, I think the protagonist lives in a motel and takes up with the woman who runs the motel.

How many movies like that, with an accordionist, are even allowed?

It’s not about a fat Germnan man, but an overweight gewrman woman who ends up at a motel, but there are some similarities in the Bagdad Café from 1987:

Thank you Cal, I do think that’s the one. It’s weird how I conflated Bagdad Cafe and Schultze into one film.

I should also note that I found Schultze to be a pretty boring film, though the premise is a good one.