What Movies Have You Seen Lately?

I saw “Wise Girls” with Mira Sorvino and (are ya sitting down?) Mariah Carey. Mariah was great! So was Mira. The whole movie was very well done. I also saw a strange flick called “Chasing Sleep” with Jeff Daniels.

Anyone out there seen anything good lately?

But of course! I’ve seen Shallow Hal more times than I can count, now that I have the DVD. sigh I’m still convinced it’s the greatest movie of this millennium.

I saw Punch-Drunk Love yesterday, and absolutely loved it. Adam Sandler REALLY showed us his talent in that film. There was no trace of any of his idiotic SNL characters. He shed them all and played the part beautifully.

Yesterday I saw the latest Almodovar film, Talk to Her. For the most part I enjoyed it ( though not as much as All About My Mother), but there’s one aspect I’m worried about ( to reveal it would be a major spoiler, however).

I also saw Insomnia, recently and enjoyed that ( though I didn’t think it was as good as Memento). The week before last I saw the Australian film Lantana, which was very good, and Heaven, which had its moments.

I’ve heard good things about both Shallow Hal and Punch-Drunk Love. They are on my list of must-see movies. However, I’ve not heard of Talk To Her. Insomnia…isn’t that the one with Robin Williams? I heard that is good as well. So many movies, so little time!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was wonderful! My dh even liked it (we orginally went to see Jackass, but it was not playing at the particular venue we were at…)

Awesome movie…most everyone can relate to it if you know…or are from an ethnic, loud, eccentric family.

Rented Frailty over the weekend. LOVED it. The wife and I had a rather large disagreement over…um…Bill Paxton’s “sanity” - maybe I should start my own thread for that, but I highly recommend the movie.

-The Ring (twice) - really scary
-I Spy - rediculously funny
-Igby Goes Down - favorite movie of the year
-Red Dragon - pretty darn good, not spectacular but good.
-The Truth about Charlie - honestly, not that great
-Knockaround Guys - decent
-Sweet Home Alabama - I like romantic comedies so I’m gonna like it no matter hat.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s all that I can think of right now.

As far as videos, I watched Men With Brooms which was kinda funny. I catch most movies in theatres so don’t rent much.

We’re pretty much t’other way 'round from mayberrydan, in that we rent/buy a bunch more than we hit the theaters.

(A two year old does that, folks. Call that my PSA for the day.) :smiley:

We checked out the SE DVD of Independence Day over the weekend. Slick. For all that it’s a “check your brain at the door” kinda flick, the extra footage reinserted for the SE actually made the ending a slight bit more plausible. Still and all, you watch this flick for explosions and dogfighting, and it still stands up pretty well. And Will Smith’s ad-libbed rant at the alien cracks me up.

The easter eggs are fun, too. Getting to watch all of the “TV news reports” from the beginning of the movie was a bit surreal; makes it feel even more like a retelling of War of the Worlds. The prize winner, though, is the President’s press conference, specifically the very end of it, which doesn’t make it into the film:

“So be brave. Be Strong.” pause for a beat “Be-bop-a-lu-la, she’s my baby!” Well, it amused me, anyway.

I don’t go to the theaters often, so most of my recents are video or TV.

  • Ring (Japanese version, on TV. The American version is hitting the theaters this week, so I guess the distributors wanted to squeeze the last few yen out of this one)

  • The Shipping News (Video. Pretty good, better than I expected. Kind of jarring to see Spacey play someone who’s truly a clueless loser. You keep expecting him to whip out some brilliance all of a sudden)

  • Versus (Video. If it had boobs and maybe a car chase, this would be the ultimate guy movie. Zombies, kung fu, blood, swordfighting, gunfighting, blood, knifefighting, blood and blood. So ridiculously over-the-top that even my normally squeamish wife was laughing herself silly. As a bonus, it does the ultimate take on that overused “lean back to dodge the bullets” scene from The Matrix.)

  • Evolution (Video. So-so.)

  • Vidocq (Video. Pretty darn good.)

I saw Attack of the Clones on an IMAX screen at the Smithsonian on Friday. I could make out the pores on the face of Natalie Portman. I’m still giddy.

They hacked about half an hour off the movie but it was mostly the Padme and Anakin love sequences which could have been done just as well in a two minute span so no great loss.

However they took out the scene where Palpatine tricks Jar Jar into giving him emergency powers, so it might’ve been confusing for first time viewers when Jar Jar suddenly starts expounding the virtues of the Chancellor. Of course considering the cheers of the crowd throughout the flick I don’t think there were too many first time viewers there.

Whatever. A sixty foot tall Yoda kicking ass with a lightsaber makes up for whatever faults any cut of the movie might have.

I have to say that seeing a Star Wars movie like that was one of the proudest moments of my geek life.

Saw Punch-Drunk Love tonight. The use of camera tricks from the 40s and 50s romances was incredible (e.g., the swooping dolly-shot during the first kiss). I absolutely loved it, for many many reasons, and will probably see it again tomorrow.

Last week I saw, on the big screen, the digitally restored re-release of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. That was incredible; they added about a half-hour of material to the version that’s been available on video for so long, plus changed the score back to the original (i.e., no Freddie Mercury). This added an entire subplot that totally expanded the movie. Amazing for today, and absolutely breathtaking for 1927.

Finally, I just watched Larry Clark’s Bully on video. What an incredibly sad movie, but nonetheless well-done. My fear is that those who most need the warning will be too brain-dead to get it, and think the film is glorifying its subject.

“Changing Lanes”—Excellent film. Excellent.

“Heavy”. A small film froom about '95 with Shelley Winters, Deborah Harry and Liv Tyler. Understated, beautiful. It expresses the eptiome of “quiet desperation”. Really a good film. The ending seems abrupt, but it really isn’t. It’s full of hope.

My last theatrical film was Punch-Drunk Love. I agree with the comments here that Sandler’s performance was superb and I hope he gets an Oscar nomination for it. The movie itself was fine, thought a little incoherent and confusing at times.

My second last film was the new Miyazaki anime Spirited Away which was glorious, though it deteroriated a bit in the last half hour or so. Probably the most visually inventive animation I have ever seen.

On DVD I have seen Nashville{/b] and {b]Three Kings both of which I liked (Nashville especially)

Saw The Ring on Sunday.

On DVD, recently I’ve seen LOTR:TFOTL, Romeo + Juliet (the Baz Lurhman (sp) version), and Reservoir Dogs, which I enjoyed immensely.

Red Dragon: Good movie, though I would have liked more background on Dolarhyde.
The Tuxedo: fun, mindless entertainment.

Windtalkers: Liked it but would have been better had they included a scene with the Navajo finally getting the recognition they deserved, as in real life.
LOTR: FOTR: Great piece of work! I can hardly wait for The Two Towers.
The Count of Monte Cristo: Loved it! Though I’ve heard it’s not quite as good as the book.

I don’t see many movies, but I saw Jackass this weekend. It’s just like the show, but more. I’m a changed man, maybe not for the better. I haven’t covered my eyes during a movie in the last twenty years, but that streak is over.

Ditto on Jackass, Wonko. I went ya one further and actually turned my head around into the movie seat…it was reallly funny most of the way though.

The last movie I saw in theatres was also Punch-Drunk Love, and I second everything everyone’s said about it. I found it wonderfully written and superbly performed.

Last movie I saw on DVD was Frailty. It had a nice twist, although I saw it coming. An interesting thought to the movie, too.

-Evil Dead
-Evil Dead II
-Army of Darkness
-Igby Goes Down
-The Big Sleep
-Blade Runner

The last three were shown in one of my college courses on a large screen, so I’m counting them. The others I saw at a downtown theater.